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HIV Aids has been existing along time,everything school,churches,basketball didn't stop or closed due to that. I'm sure some people you can into had AIDS. Magic Johnson had it for almost 30 years now and he's still here. There's no cure for AIDs yet this Corona Virus has caused school,churches,basketball and lots of things to be postponed. Everyone we run into does NOT have it and it's NOT that much of at all more serious than HIV,they need to stop using this as an excuse to postpone things.…


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Conception Time

Kids in school with earlier birthdays do better in school than those with late birthdays. I agree I was often the youngest born in December literally teased for that,took speech therapy special education classes and etc. Mom and Dad need to think when they screw about the kids future. Do it between late April to mid August is the best time it will lead to an early birthday January,February,March,April possibly May leading that son or daughter to be the oldest or one of the oldest in class.…


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Thank God for many things ,and this is surely one of them.

Valerie Martinez will go down as my all time favorite pen pal,old friend and will remain my biggest inspiration. She has been the only person to ever sympathized with what Ive went through on a late birthday.I was amazed how someone born much earlier in the year February 23rd can sympathize with someone born later in the year in fact the last month at that. I had placed my ad in the back of a magazine back in 2001,Valerie responded we exchanged letters in the mail and we would talk on the…


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Everyone has this whether they believe in celebrating or not it is more than another day,I dont like that way of thinking.We just happened to be born different times of the year. In my case I was born on December 9th,1974 in Richmond Virginia a Monday morning at St. Marys Hospital. In school I was often the youngest of peers due to being born in December,they would rub it in my face I m older than you,Im older than you,because their birthdays came before mines they thought they were it. My…


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Jesus and God are great but what about humanity?

Sometimes it would be nice if people were more compassionate and understanding plus used their brains and have knowledge and great memory. People say I don't care,I don't know and I don't remember too much. This month we honor Jesus Christ rightfully so world's saviour. Next month honor Dr Martin Luther King Jr who would had turned 90 yrs old on January 15th. I learned about him in the 5th grade and been fond since. All I wanted was compassion seldom got it. Dr King had it just wish we had been… Continue

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Men need to be understood more in this world.

God created man first which means that God loves man and understands him and see how society and women can be harsh on men very critical if man fails to live up to expectations. Man is expected to provide,protect but keep his emotions in check. Men don't have the same support systems women do. First woman did come from a man. While men do need to respect and understand women. Women need to understand men too realizing we are human too. Men have emotions but have to suppress them alot. Grow… Continue

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If this were to happen think about it.

Say Jesus and God were ready to take all males out men and boys passed away. Leaving women and girls females in the world by themselves to see how females would do in an all female world. Just females existing males have passed away gone forever extinct leaving females in a world as only gender remaining.

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Tired of blue collar jobs,ready to switch to white collar jobs

Since I was 16 yrs old back in the summer of 1991,I have done blue collar type of work.Hard physical work,lots of standing,lifting,moving things around,cleaning and sweating up a storm.Well I am 43 now,work weekends at LA Fitness as a janitor.While I like gym environment thats still hard physical work. I am aware that white collar jobs pay more,I want a job making bigger income,so I can live in a better apartment with rooms,get washer and dryer,computer,cable tv and a maid,plus I want to…


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Obsession with death

I'm tired of the ways of this world and forgiveness never was a strength of mines never will be. Mental has always been a challenge people do say I don't care,I don't know and I don't remember too much. It makes my head boil inside literally,makes me want to snap and wish I was dead with Jesus and God in heaven no more negative saying s and Jesus and God cares,knows,and remembers everything. I can't stand those 3 negative sayings and negative sayings period. Oh well,whatever,cry me a river,grow… Continue

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Deep Thinking looking for answers

Professional I want a part time night job, janitorial, warehouse and I do have blue card in unarmed security,but after hearing yelling goes on in that which I hate and maintain my post which is hard. I feel I need a job not dealing much with people. I have low tolerance for injustice, insensitive remarks, sarcasm and any other forms disrespect. Personal wise it's both birthday and holiday times for myself. Thanksgiving I went to gym and Salvation Army to get meals nice gathering. Both my mom… Continue

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How careless, selfish and thoughtless

Many jobs say must have own transportation but not everyone drives, buses stop running at certain hours and cabs add up. Not right for an employee to be stranded by his or herself while the employer and co workers drive home safe and rest. No refunds shows how money hungry people are but sometimes you buy things arent satisfied with and you cant get money back due to peoples greed and selfishness. Then theres so and so not responsible for lost or stolen items, sometimes people lose their stuff.… Continue

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Financial Crisis

Hi youll I know its been a while since I was last on here. I was working as a Processor from Goodwill from Aug 8th last year to May 6th this year. I was getting tired of Goodwill wanted career change. May 2nd I was off and met with Brigette from Bridges Community she claimed she had a job Peer Specialist which is like counseling one of the jobs I wanted. Said Id be paid while training and certified in 6 months. I thought I had better offer so I let Goodwill go. Weeks later meet up with her and… Continue

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You listen to people talk on their phones or to each other in person 97% percent of time its about work or bills both related to finances. People care so much about persons income and occupation but care so little about his or her personal life and what they do in spare time. Living whether paying rent or house mortgage they care about you paying monthly or weekly not you as a person. Doctors want your insurance and income before your illness. So sad care so much about money but so little about… Continue

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Need a place to stay by January 5th

Last August my mom was scheduled to sign a least but she got sick and was in hospital and nursing home August and early Sept. During this time I used her card to pay rent Aug and Sept.I started work at Goodwill in August the plan was for me to save and move out but that changed Sept 14th when my mom died she made $1760.00 a month, rent is$755.00 a month, I barely afford Oct and Nov and Dec I couldnt pay it all. I make $661.00 in SSI and $300.00 to $400.00 every 2 weeks at work.I have phone… Continue

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Holidays, Birthdays all around corner true challenge.

Mom died back on Sept 14th Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years all around the corner.My birthday and moms birthday are around the corner too mines December 9 and moms was January 11th.I got moms remainders from cremation at Waldon Funeral Home .I had to get county to help with expenses but it took a month and a half , copies of her death certificate last month. Im alone not close to her family but they know shes gone meaning mom found out online.Nursing home probably told them , Im alone,… Continue

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Until this year

I was asked the last time I cried prior to this year it had been a while but the recent deaths of Christina Grimmie March 12, 1994 to June 10, 2016 and my mom Mary Alice Curry January 11, 1952 to September 14th 2016 both put me in tears.I just wanted til I was in my room in dark alone at night.

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Opposite Sex Realities

We all know it started with Adam and Eve,but yes one of the biggest pains and hurts in our lives will come from the opposite sex. Yes most men like women and most women like men. Reality is there has to be mutual attraction,it will never work if he likes her but she doesnt like him or she likes him but he doesnt like her. Women get hurt by men she often gets sympathy from all angles. They be like oh you can do better than him,anyways  stuff like that to cheer her up when she gets hurt by men…


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The time we were born

Birthdays yes everyone has them just different times of the year.Its a sensitive subject but its real.I maybe grown now but I will never forget how I was teased by peers in school just because I was born in December.They used to go how old are you? Whens your birthday? I d say December and theyd rub it in my face Im older than you Im older than you.They thought they were bad because they were older than me by months of the same year.Obviously December is the last month of the year so yeah were… Continue

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Want to get this done but have to wait

Yesterday I saw a guy chaplan talked to him about the recent loss of my mother and how Im not close to her family. That went well he told me about him losing his mom when he was 13 and 14 it lead him from getting good grades to bad grades.Teachers thought he wasnt trying hard instead of the fact he was grieving for his moms loss.We ended it with prayer yesterday,he gave me his card for contact.I saw my grief counselor which went well too,she understood what Im facing with mom,how my…


Added by Daniel Bryan Curry on September 28, 2016 at 9:05am — 2 Comments

Rest In Peace

Mom passed away today at 12:55 pm,Hospice just told me.

Added by Daniel Bryan Curry on September 14, 2016 at 12:40pm — 6 Comments

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