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Jesus and God are great but what about humanity?

Sometimes it would be nice if people were more compassionate and understanding plus used their brains and have knowledge and great memory. People say I don't care,I don't know and I don't remember too much. This month we honor Jesus Christ rightfully so world's saviour. Next month honor Dr Martin Luther King Jr who would had turned 90 yrs old on January 15th. I learned about him in the 5th grade and been fond since. All I wanted was compassion seldom got it. Dr King had it just wish we had been around during the others time. He had knowledge,cared and had great memory cared about humanity as leader and pastor. Critics want to say communist,womanizer and upset he forced integration but he stood up to this world wanted what's best for humanity. Assassinated 6 and a half years before I was born on that motel balcony 50 yrs ago. I just say nonsense to critics just like with Jesus and God they never sinned so argument then is they don't exist. Can't stand that but much love to those with common sense and admirers.

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