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Everyone has this whether they believe in celebrating or not it is more than another day,I dont like that way of thinking.We just happened to be born different times of the year. In my case I was born on December 9th,1974 in Richmond Virginia a Monday morning at St. Marys Hospital. In school I was often the youngest of peers due to being born in December,they would rub it in my face I m older than you,Im older than you,because their birthdays came before mines they thought they were it. My mom wasnt sympathetic at first and wouldnt be until the last few years of her life.Of course she was the opposite older than her peers in school because she was born January 11th. I have tried to get sympathizers on this posting on Date Hookup in the past,as well as Facebook but they were often times unsympathetic saying its time to grow up,shut up,get over it,no sympathy,your birthday does not matter just another day,oh cheer up at least you wont turn another year older until the end of the year.Mom wasnt much better Im sorry,but there aint a thing I can do about that,I cant change it.Oh these people made me so mad buttholes just as bad as the ones who teased me in school. People would say I wont turn another year older until end of the year.I am always glad when December 9 finally comes because then it shut that up,its like making fun of my late birthday.I was born in 1974 well in 1988 my age for the year was 14,most of my peers were 14,but family would say 13 when my age was asked I hated that it looks like I am a year younger,but just months its due to my birthday being late.I was so glad when I turned 14 finally to shut that up.Even now most of my peers have turned 45 and I still have to wait another 4 months to turn 45.It looks like Im a year behind,but its months instead. I am only my right age of the year for about 2 weeks. January usually puts me in better spirits I just turned my new age,fresh new year. January through May,I feel fine  June I turned half my age ,but from July to December 8th I am awaiting to turn my new age,feeling frustrated only relieved when 10 am December 9th comes as then I am new age.I am a Sagittarius well I was in that group on Facebook the November ones failed to understand the other Decembers they understood better than November,but not completely.The only person ever to sympathize with me on this was my old friend and pen pal Valerie Martinez whos birthday is February 23rd. I had placed my ad in the back of a magazine,she responded we exchanged letters and talked on the phone. We had start discussing birthdays and said hers was February 23rd and she asked when is mines I said December 9th almost instantly she goes dont it seem like it take forever for your birthday to come and I said yes,she brought that up more than once it was like it bothered her nearly as much as it did me.That was nice she was able to feel what I m going through always having to wait to the end of the year every year. People go everyone has to wait 12 months for birthday,but when youre born in December its such a longer wait. I admired people with earlier birthdays January through May,wish I was born earlier I wouldnt had been the youngest nor teased as much. Its very serious to me,but hats off to Valerie she truly sympathized if not for her I would feel no one understood.

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Comment by Tammy on August 12, 2019 at 7:36am

My daughter's is December 27. What sucks about hers is she doesn't get anything. Mine is Jan 1 so mama used to hold out a Christmas present & give it to me for my b-day. Another crappy birthday. 

Comment by Daniel Bryan Curry on August 9, 2019 at 12:23pm

With that being said youll cant deny that December does take a while to come,its the last month of the year.The last in anything takes longer. However a friend born on February 23rd truly was able to understand what I was going through in spite of her being born much earlier. Some of the things said about astrology and born on certain month and days are true. I know religion matters more,but said February 23rd people are very compassionate,caring and kind people,that certainly was Valerie. It would have helped to have more sympathizers like her,Childhood start of your life,so you never completely forget that. Born in December youre often the youngest of peers,and I clearly found out how that felt. 

Comment by Daniel Bryan Curry on August 9, 2019 at 12:14pm

Tammy that is interesting,yeah I share the same day as Redd Foxx as well was a fan of his on Sanford and Son made around the time I was born back in the 1970s, a cousin also shes a year younger than me,also  my x wife niece the only one I got along with,during that time.

Comment by Tammy on August 9, 2019 at 9:15am

My mama's birthday was December 9 so you share that day with the most incredible woman that ever lived. She's been dead 13 years now but she left a legacy that will never fade.

Comment by Carla on August 8, 2019 at 2:58pm

Hi Daniel,

That is my point.  Tomorrow is never promised.  Today is a gift.  Enjoy the gift that has been given to you and don't sweat the small stuff.

Comment by Daniel Bryan Curry on August 8, 2019 at 12:58pm
Thats right Carla sorry for her lost,but tomorrow is never promised. People some say youre going to live long or think death is just an old person thing.But there have been alot of young deaths occuring lately.
Comment by Carla on August 8, 2019 at 11:34am

Hi Daniel.

A dear friend of mine just lost her daughter to cancer at age 25. 

It seems to me that life is a gift no matter what age you are.  

Blessings, Carla

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