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Be committed to God........

Sometimes when a situation come where we need to die for God,we just simply deny God even though we say we are committed to God. If you are not committed to God in true aspect,you are not God's child. In every relationship,we just say by our mouth but not by our action. Saying is not just enough. Your action must speak too. While living in a hindu religious community or any other community where christianity is a big deal,should we be afraid to claim that we are christians? No if we truly love… Continue

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Don't commit adultery..

Today's generation are bound to commit adultery as to go with the trend. To go with the trwnd is the best way to stay tune with today's generation. When you cross your teenage age and step in adulthood,everyone tends to lost their virginity. Is it necessary? Is it really necessary? Everyone encourages a virgin to commit adultery. Why is it so important? God has already to plan a soul mate for you. The best. Stop committing adultery. This is not what God wants from us. Gos has the best plan for… Continue

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The God Series - Consistent.

Whenever the beginning is the end and the end, the beginning; it is consistent. This is God! And the Bible begins and ends with the single and prime purpose of God and man having the relationship of a Father to his children and heirs to his Kingdom. The New Jerusalem fulfills what the Garden; Eden was designed to do.…


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Evil has dominion over the world.............

Evils! We get scared when we hear the word evil but in actual reality we follow them. Not we but most of the people do. Most of the people of the world love watching horror movies or metallic songs or the albums which have ghost images on it. The ghost movies attracts us more. Even it attracts me too. To be honest I have to admit,I was a big horror movie fan. Not only movies but everything else. Maybe I know every horror movies name. Even my phone ringtone was 'one missed call' movie ringtone.… Continue

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Dum Vivimus Vivamus.

Dum Vivimus Vivamus.  One more piece on peace.
seems we all need to grab onto peace ... i have heard from so many of you.  thank you.
Most of my family did not know she was gravely ill; that is the way she wanted it.  Once she mentioned it, she was gone in three short weeks.  I attended my cousin's memorial service in Tahoe on Sunday, from her favorite vantage point of North…

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If you have God,you don't need anyone else.

God is everything. The whole thing depends upon God. If you get God's faith,you don't need anyone else's faith. If you deserve enough to be God's child,you deserve everything else. Because God is everything. I don't get it why people still don't get it. Everything is given by God. The food we are eating,the happiness we are getting now,luxury,technologies,love,family,friends,everything else. These are not provided by scientists nor by the most talented person but by only God. Repent yourself… Continue

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Remember God in your trouble and also in your happiness...

What you do when you are in trouble? The first thing that comes to your mind is"God please help" or you star t blaming God for your sadness and for your troubles. But do you remember God or thank God when you get whatever ypu need. Everybody forgets God when they achieve evrything in their. Because for that people God has nothing to do with it. But when they loses everything,they start blaming God or they become atheist. Just stop being this kind of person. God gives you bad day so that you… Continue

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Oh! The Blood.

God demanded blood for the atonement of sin. At least that’s what most religious thinking states. For only by blood can we ever quell God’s wrath for our offense? The use of blood sacrifice is not new nor did it start with God’s people but has been a part of the human condition since the beginning of mankind and has been twisted, abused and appropriated for many good as well evil things. The blood of any creature does not have the same value to the epitome of it in man.…


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His death was in exchange for your life.

Have you ever examined yourself on the question of whether or not you turned to Christ out of fear for yourself, your eternal destiny, and what He can give you, or because you were truly sorry for the sinful life you've lived and what it cost Jesus to be your Redeemer, the One Who ransomed you, paid the price for your release from sin and its consequences and you love Him?

His death was in exchange for your life. "Through His blood" means by His death (Colossians… Continue

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God give me control over my anger.

God I really need control over my anger. I talk so badly to my mom. And then I do realise. Its not like I don't realise. But I don't want to put my anger on her. She don't deserve it. Nor do anyone's parents. Parents are the only one that can give you so much love that nobody can give except God. My mom and dad loves me so much and I don't wanna lose them by my bad behaviours. Every second of my life,I fear that I would lose them. But that second I take God's name and I believe Him and nothing… Continue

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Not To Often

For some reason Christian people do not seem to have close friendships with other Christian people. I have no idea why this happens. I have however meet a couple friends that are Christians, but they always drift away. Kind of strange for people that are supposed to love each other. I think in my in my walk with God this is one thing i struggle to understand.

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Fear God..

God loves us so much. Even though we do the worst mistakes,He is ready to forgive us. So we must fear God and think twice before doing anything. I know I have done many wrong things. Even I have drank hookah or whatever it was. I am not addicted but it was just for fun. I don't know what I was doing. Please someone guide me. I want a proper guidance. I don't want to deceive God. God is what I need and want. Deceiving Him will be the biggest mistake of my life. I just wanted to try. I just feel… Continue

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The one thing everyone truly needs is Jesus.

Well, somehow I made it through this Sunday morning's church service. Just kidding ...

The focus as usual was on God and exalting Him.

Love and thankfulness to God were apparent in those who participated in leading the service ... through the songs and communion, through prayer and the reading of the Scriptures.

Truly, for the time I'm there, they make it easy for me to remove my eyes from my own problems and focus on God.

This morning's Scripture… Continue

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Re-Purpose This

Re-purpose This.
A Re-Purposed Cross.  Holy Spirit: Who or What? #13
How can we explain what draws us?  I mean, we have all had experiences where we felt compelled to walk toward someone, to connect or say 
something . . .
Compelled. By. Something. Unexplained.
We have all had scenarios that beckon us as though long unseen tentacles have attached themselves to our very souls.  That's how I felt…

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Its so good to know that God loves you so much..

Don't you feel happy when someone says you that you are beautiful? The answer is obviously a yes..... When you get to know people loves you even through an anonymous messaging get so happy right? We need love. Love gives us strength. It makes us feel that we are not alone. There are people who supports you and are ready to do anything for you. But when you get the love of God. Thats unexpressable. When you become close to God..the warm you get..the faith..thats something magical. We… Continue

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God,our savior..........

The only savior God. He is the only one who can save us from this evil doers. There is no other God,no other savior. The reality is not like the fake mythological stories whuch many people believes and follows them. These are the things done by the evil to make a border between God and His children. And we the worldly people loves to believe the fake. Who ever believes or sees the truth. We are the one and only reason to make the evil winners. We are letting the evil takeover our soul. God has… Continue

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"I'm resting in Your Sovereignty"

I ask things of God while knowing that God Himself has need of nothing. Still, I wonder if there is anything I can give to God?

When I pray, I ask for His will. I pray for safety and protection for my family, that He will guard their lives, shed light upon their paths, and make their hearts happy, and I ask Him to save my lost loved ones, and help those I know who are struggling in their faith or facing hardships and loss.

I know I have nothing with which to use for… Continue

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God is always there to save you.

Today I met with an accident but nothing happened nor to me nor my friends. My family has faced the grief of losing my brother and I really don't want my parents to lose their daughter too. I saw their concern when I told that I met with an accident. They were horrified. Though it was small,for them it was like a disaster. I know I am exaggerating but whatever or however their concern was,it was terrifying. They never wanna lose me too. They will die if I die. And God knows that. He saved me… Continue

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