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You listen to people talk on their phones or to each other in person 97% percent of time its about work or bills both related to finances. People care so much about persons income and occupation but care so little about his or her personal life and what they do in spare time. Living whether paying rent or house mortgage they care about you paying monthly or weekly not you as a person. Doctors want your insurance and income before your illness. So sad care so much about money but so little about person outside of it. Oh I see right through the BS , you cant deny I have a point. Jesus and God said your reward in heaven awaits, but theyre taking forever it will be better they care about us truly and will be first residence we stay thats priceless and free.

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Comment by Daniel Bryan Curry on February 10, 2017 at 4:47am
I understand your situation, its sad how merciless people can be when it comes to money. If you cant pay rent, cant pay groceries, cab fare or even a bus fare. Youre shown very little mercy if that. I cant afford rent where I currently stay$750.00 a month 2 bedroom it was late mom and myself I was her caregiver she could afford rent but I cant told landlords that just shrugged shoulders, wont accept partial payments. Went to another complex Tues lady was ok at first until I didnt have money order, but I was going to give her my ID and SS card she became hateful and wont accept anything without money income or proof of income. I need someone to be with me dealing with landlords to maintain my sanity. If you dont have money or all at stores cashiers can be merciless , people in line its embarrassing, on the bus people dont always have money bus drivers seldom show mercy. People have been beaten up even killed over money, friends and family divided up over money, relationships is challenging if the man is struggling financially not so much if its the woman struggling financially. A jobless or unemployed woman is tolerated way better than a jobless unemployed man. Many men will help struggling woman financially, harder to find women willing to accept struggling man financially. I see right through the worlds BS care so much about your job and income but care so little about you or your joys. I hate this world wish Jesus came now or I died now to be relieved no more problems or pain then.

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