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Hi youll I know its been a while since I was last on here. I was working as a Processor from Goodwill from Aug 8th last year to May 6th this year. I was getting tired of Goodwill wanted career change. May 2nd I was off and met with Brigette from Bridges Community she claimed she had a job Peer Specialist which is like counseling one of the jobs I wanted. Said Id be paid while training and certified in 6 months. I thought I had better offer so I let Goodwill go. Weeks later meet up with her and now she goes its volunteer work wont be paid until 6 months and this BS. I was so disappointed and pissed with her. Shes unreliable, broken promises, doesnt make eye contact acted like she did nothing wrong. Ive been job hunting since and Im broke financially. Carlos from my church knew about this so he paid a course for me to take Security training unarmed last Mon to Thu well I passed got 2 certificates one to the state and one for me to keep. Should get my license done and fingerprints as well this week. I hate being broke but I thought I had a better offer. Goodwill pays $9 per hour, Peer Specialist would had been $15 per hour screw Brigette.

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Comment by Daniel Bryan Curry on June 19, 2017 at 1:53pm
Right understood I visited Up Orlando today they help you find work , 6 week class start next sit you up with a job coach I enrolled today. Tomorrow Vocational Rehab they help find work and Wed Job Connection. Yes Ive done applications online as well. Carlos is going out of town when he returns hell help with license and fingerprint fees for Security. Until then though still job hunting.
Comment by Mary O on June 19, 2017 at 12:41pm

I've been there. You keep looking until you find something. I know that's harsh. Sorry about that.

My sister was laid off before Christmas last year. She was devastated. I know she called me for morale's sake. She would tell where she had applied and what she had done. I pointed out she hadn't even filled out 20 apps yet. If she hadn't filled out 20 apps in a week, she wasn't really searching. It was tough being the bad guy and having to push her or give her a kick in the pants. It took her a few months, but she did find a job. She had to think outside of the box. She's a nurse, and the people who had laid her off, well someone in the office was giving her a bad reference. She went after a state job. She had to study the state statutes concerning the job she was going after. She got so upset because she missed 1 on the job exam. She thought she'd blown her chances. Last I knew, if you miss one on a test, that's an A. Some of the state jobs are statute driven. Some states have lists of words they look for in resumes. If a certain number of the words aren't in your resume, it won't trip the state's computer. They don't have time to look at every single resume. It's unfair, and they probably miss many good prospects. You can find some of these words online. My sister is still a nurse, but she tests people for using drugs. She's so happy. She completely rewrote what she does. What's interesting is some of the ladies from her former employer have asked her to put in the good word for them.

I am sorry that happened to you, but pick yourself up, and move on and think outside of the box. Maybe she'll come to you looking for a reference some day?

God bless,


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