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Kids in school with earlier birthdays do better in school than those with late birthdays. I agree I was often the youngest born in December literally teased for that,took speech therapy special education classes and etc. Mom and Dad need to think when they screw about the kids future. Do it between late April to mid August is the best time it will lead to an early birthday January,February,March,April possibly May leading that son or daughter to be the oldest or one of the oldest in class. Conceive Sept -Nov will lead to a mid birthday June,July and August which aint bad in between the oldest and youngest of peers. Conceive from Dec to March leads to a late birthday September,October,November and December. If I had a son or daughter I would be very happy if they were born in January,very happy February,very happy March,quite happy April,happy May,ok not bad June,ok not bad July,ok August,September,October and November not thrilled and December certainly not thrilled. My moms parents conceived the right time she was born January 11th oldest of peers,my dads parents conceived right time he was born April 23rd. Valerie my old friend and pen pal parents conceived right time February 23rd she was born.My parents conceived wrong time and I have suffered the consequences for it. I am dead serious on this matter,I have wanted to be dead,because death erases birth solely due to me having a late birthday December 9th not the only   reason,but one reason.

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Comment by Tammy on October 10, 2019 at 7:48pm

Yes you're correct. We're definitely supposed to honor him everyday. 

Comment by Daniel Bryan Curry on October 10, 2019 at 1:42pm

Your daughter was fortunate not to be teased,but  you look nice though.  Society norms have accepted older better than younger.Sometimes younger people maturity level are questioned more so than older people.There are times that younger people know more than older people though it depends. Still Tammy the thing with December birthdays we have to watch the other months celebrate theirs before its our turn.Then sometimes birthdays get snubbed by Christmas.Some people know my birthday and still will look over that and go Daniel what you got plan for Christmas.I understand birth of Jesus but were suppose to honor him the other 364 days of the year too.

Comment by Tammy on October 10, 2019 at 9:48am

My daughter's birthday is Dec 27 & never has anyone made fun of her because of her birthday or her age. Next time someone makes fun of you, come back at them & say, "Are you jealous because I'm younger & look better than you?" No one wants to be older. You have less wrinkles, your arms & legs work better, you can walk further & run quicker than the older ones. 

Comment by Tammy on October 10, 2019 at 9:45am

Last thing that I want is to be older. If anything, I'd like to be 25 again. lol

Comment by Daniel Bryan Curry on October 9, 2019 at 5:07pm
January 1st that's an awesome day to be born you are older than everyone born the same year as you that's what I'd like. Yours is early I wish I was born that day. Then I would had been the oldest. Tammy I want to be 45 years old I was born in 1974 most of my peers have turned 45 I still have to wait 2 months looks like they're a year older but they're not. I get impatient waiting I want to be my new age born earlier I would had been. My counselor former now Kristy a Pisces born in March admitted she wouldn't want to be born in December. People still make fun of late birthdays saying we won't turn another year older until end of the year. They don't say that for those with early birthdays or middle birthdays. Who wants to be last turning a new age that ain't cool.
Comment by Tammy on October 8, 2019 at 6:49pm

My husband was one of the youngest kids in our class. We got the first computer in our senior year -- yes when dinosaurs walked. He wrote the first program for that computer. He rose to Vice President of his company with only a high school diploma so I'm not sure I agree with your assessment about them making worse grades. He's a genius - in my opinion. 

As I've shared with you before, my mother's birthday was December 9. You would have never ever met a better woman in your life. You couldn't meet anyone that had anything bad to say about her. Praise God you have a birthday at all & go on with life. High school days are gone. That was years ago. You gonna have to rise above this birthday bologna. Mine is Jan 1. You can say mine was late or early. It's all in how you look at it.

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