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We all know it started with Adam and Eve,but yes one of the biggest pains and hurts in our lives will come from the opposite sex. Yes most men like women and most women like men. Reality is there has to be mutual attraction,it will never work if he likes her but she doesnt like him or she likes him but he doesnt like her. Women get hurt by men she often gets sympathy from all angles. They be like oh you can do better than him,anyways  stuff like that to cheer her up when she gets hurt by men be it emotional,physical or rejection. Now when men get hurt by women,he likes her but she responds not my type,not interested,I have a boyfriend and or husband it does hurt the guy but hes often told grow up,get over it,stop whining,stop crying,suck it up,crybaby,man up,sissy he doesnt get sympathy like women ,men are forced to suppress our emotions though we have them too. An unemployed woman is accepted better than an unemployed man,many men would help a struggling woman financially and etc,but not many women would help a struggling man financially. Society and women will be like he needs to grow up and get a job grown a. man,not much sympathy for male pain in this society. Its really hard on males who were raised fatherless,than males whose fathers were there. Men and women like each other but men and women will also hate each other. Males talking to their male buddies about a female. Man I saw or met this fine girl man,really man?,Yes man she had nice hair,shape,boobs,butt baby had it going on. Now female talking to their female friends about a guy. I saw or met this really cute or hot guy,her friends,really? What does he do? He does have a job right? If yes they then might talk about his looks,height,build if not her friends will critique him just for not having a job and he can be a great guy but thats overlooked. Men seem to be more tolerant of women struggles than women are of mens struggles. Laws,courts,men protect women even when wrong,but not men even when right. This can be a male using male hating society. In the end god will judge men,but he too will judge women.God is going to get on women for things theyve done to men,hes not going to protect or coddle to them like laws have ,in this society. Yes men are thought as stronger sex and women weaker sex. Financially and mentally is how women have hurt men. I try to tell people men get hurt by women too not just women hurt by men.Just wish society and women will realize men are human too.

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Comment by Tammy on October 4, 2016 at 11:44am

I must admit I keep returning to this blog & get me a good laugh. I'm going to reply but in the meantime, I'll just get a good smile. 

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