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Yesterday I saw a guy chaplan talked to him about the recent loss of my mother and how Im not close to her family. That went well he told me about him losing his mom when he was 13 and 14 it lead him from getting good grades to bad grades.Teachers thought he wasnt trying hard instead of the fact he was grieving for his moms loss.We ended it with prayer yesterday,he gave me his card for contact.I saw my grief counselor which went well too,she understood what Im facing with mom,how my relationship with mom was and that Im not close to her family.She had lost her mom 20 yrs ago,she told me. I later saw my counselor too yesterday which went good as well,shes trying to help me become more forgiving and improve my people skills. But in between seeing the chaplan guy,grief counselor and counselor. I had stopped by Waldon Funeral Home where mom is,I thought they had already cremated her but another 10 days,I was planning on using her card to pay the fee for her expenses but that declined.I was disppointed man,it could had been a closer step to getting this done. Now I have to go to this place to get her death certificate done and see this guy on Tuesday next week to help me with funeral expenses.Had her card gone through it would had been set and I would had have copies of her death certificate.The fee is $1,060.00 not alot to some but it is when you make less than that,and have no one to help as I mentioned not tight with her family.And while my church has been supportive of moms death they go silence when I speak about financial help. I want to get this done,after thats settled I like to get a maid,get in another relationship with a female wholl be supportive and help me get that divorce from my x wife because they can be expensive.Then Id like to return to school if I could find time and get out of default wish I could get pell grants or scholarship.The curent problem here is Im off Sundays and Tuesdays as of now,not many classes occur Sundays,Tuesdays Im busy on my off day and the other days I work. I would feel so much better when and if I get cremation and moms expenses done,a maid to clean the apartment and do laundry because Im tired from work,an  understanding female partner willing to help me get that divorce,and if I could make time for school and get out of being defaulted.I know about Jesus and God but I need a human to help me get out of this hole Im in.

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Comment by Daniel Bryan Curry on September 29, 2016 at 3:46am
Some good points there
Comment by Tammy on September 28, 2016 at 7:44pm

God wants you to lean on Him first before bringing anyone into your life. He needs to know that He's enough. Or I should say that's how He works in my life. 

As far as school goes, you could do online classes & get grants for that as well & do it at your own pace. 

You said in another post that you work & can't go to church. Here, you say you're off on Sundays so this allows you to attend church. I would find a good non-denominational church & get my roots in deep in the word. Build my strength in Him. Then, He'll put the rest of the puzzle into place.

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