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Holidays, Birthdays all around corner true challenge.

Mom died back on Sept 14th Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years all around the corner.My birthday and moms birthday are around the corner too mines December 9 and moms was January 11th.I got moms remainders from cremation at Waldon Funeral Home .I had to get county to help with expenses but it took a month and a half , copies of her death certificate last month. Im alone not close to her family but they know shes gone meaning mom found out online.Nursing home probably told them , Im alone, single 5 yrs.Yes will see Grief Counseling and Counseling tomorrow, theyve helped.Mr Butler is going out of town , havent been to church in a while due to work.Other church members havent invited me to Thanksgiving. Ill be alone Ill get through but its hard.I wish I knew my deathdate or Jesus comes to be relieved.

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Comment by Paul M. Dufey on November 23, 2016 at 8:31am

Hello Daniel;  I know lonely.  When I used to be alone I would go out and get a cup of coffee, smile at folks and say hello, etc.  I used to help the homeless and old folks in some way.  People who are down appreciate a helping hand and I benefited by the enjoyment of helping them.   This may  not work for you but don't stay in the house.  Go out somewhere and see someone, even if its just to say hello.    I have found that if someone can't help me I can usually find someone to help.  There are other lonely folks out there.   Have a happy Thanksgiving and give thanks to God for His love.

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