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Simply Joyous

Today as I went for a Doctor appointment the wind and rain have been pretty strong. I arrived a little early and as I sat in my car the bushes and trees moved and seemed to jump for joy as the rain fell and the wind blew. As though they were rejoicing to God and thanking him for the rain. I smiled and thanked God too. Today I learned a friends pathology report was back and the result was "benign". I rejoiced and thanked God. Today as your day goes by see the…


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A prayer at 1:00 am.

I am tired papa. I awoke with thirst and pain. I came to you for comfort and you gave it to me in your word for us. Calm my heart, and keep me close. Every breath a gift. Every beat of my heart a celebration of life. Tired again I will rest in your spirit. For now I can not rest. My work is not done. Fill me papa with what you want for me. Show me the path I need to take.There is wisdom to be gained in every moment you…


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God is at work in each of us.

Do you know the feeling? When you look into someones face and just feel so moved to joy that you sense your very heart rejoicing. Have you looked into the pain on someones face and been moved to tears? God is at work in you. He never stops being with you. Have you ever felt so lost and broken the emptiness in your heart seemed like death? God is there with you.

"Then you will call, and the Lord will answer;

you will cry for help, and he…


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How is your eyesight today?


Today as you go through your day what is your vision telling you? Do your eyes seem to be blurry in seeing others? The guy who cut you off in traffic today was really helping cloud your vision right? The clerk in the store with the wild haircut, how did she appear to you? Your husband/ wife now there is someone who can really give you vision difficulty. Did your eyes focus this morning on Jesus or on you this morning?

From the moment we get up in the morning our eyes start…


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Staying Flexible………….


As many of us are advancing in years it becomes increasingly important for us to stay as healthy and active as we can. Sometimes this is very difficult. I can certainly attest to this fact! But what is even more important is for us as Christians to stay flexible in our walk with Jesus. Anyone who has worked or played sports can tell you “stretching” is vital before doing any physical labor or sports activity. Loosening up our muscles and “warming” them up helps to keep us from…


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A miracle in my life.....

It was a Wednesday September 21, 2011 at work. I had not been feeling to well dizzy, nauesea, and my back was really hurting. I decided to go and see our occupational health nurse. Well not long after chatting with her I was on my way to the Emergency room in Worcester, MA. What seemed to take forever was actually not long at all. As if by her own miracle my wife was in the ER with me. Seems like you tell the same story 1000 times while you are there. Whats wrong? What hurts? What were you…


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Some questions for tomorrow.

Zechariah 7: 8-10 


8 And the word of the LORD came again to Zechariah: 9…


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Prayer for all those seeking God's will.

While watching Dr. Charles Stanley yesterday morning he spoke of a very important source for prayer that will "impact" our lives. Here it is right out God's word for us The Bible. Our prayer for others and for ourselves would truly be transformed if we intentionally prayed these words everyday! So I vow from this day forward I will include this specific prayer with my daily prayer for all of the family,friends those I know and don't know. Becasuse God is…


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Somewhere Tonight...........

Somewhere Tonight…………….

Somewhere tonight a wife sits praying for her very ill husband.

Somewhere tonight a woman begs for pity after being hit again by her husband.

Somewhere tonight a husband wonders if his wife will take him back.

Somewhere tonight a woman struggles with an addiction that threatens her very life.

Somewhere tonight a young soldier looks into the darkness and wonders if he will see the light of day.



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Colossians 3: 1-17 God's instructions for us to find peace.

Colossians 3

Living as Those Made Alive in Christ
 1 Since, then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. 2 Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. 3 For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God.… Continue

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Who I Love. Why I love. What I love.

Who I love, why I love, what I love.                                

I love God.

I love Jesus.

I love The Holy Spirit.

I love my wife.

I love my daughter.

I love each one of my Grandchildren.

I love my Mom. I love my Mother-in-law

I love my Sister.  I now have thousands!

I love my Brother. I now have thousands!

I love my nieces and nephews.

I love…


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It's time to talk. Time to Choose.

      Part 1

Today is cloudy. I have struggled so long with journaling. The cloudy day sort of reflects how I feel about a journal. For over five years I have struggled with health issues. I used to run. Sometimes 5 or 10 miles. I used to lift weights and do aerobic excercise classes. I was a picture of health I guess. However, that would all end and actually that was just the beginning.

I suffered a "mini-stroke" or a TIA one weekend while at home. From that point on my health…


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What you mean to me.

My dear friends. I believe that God has placed this message on my heart. As I look at all the "friends" I have in my list I realized just how much you all truly mean to me. I have many friends here who I have become very close to. Many friends who I have only spoken to a few times. But,I felt it most important to tell you all just how much your friendship has meant to me.

God chose each of us to become friends. God places people in our lives as part of his plan for each of us. Some of you… Continue

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Manhattan Declaration

Please read all about this long overdue stand on what we as Christians believe. Share with all of us your own experience after reading this declaration. May God Bless us all. May he have mercy on the world. Stand up and be counted. I will proclaim my love and trust in God. Thanks.:-)

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My River

My River

We walk along on a Sunny day.

A river bank.

My friend and I looking

For a place to pray.

The breeze is soft,

Ducks fly back and forth

Up and down the river.

Our pilgrimage our share

My friend says with a smile I’ll

Help you learn the right prayer.

God touches our hearts with friends

Like this.

We sit and begin to say a prayer

For intentions of Love, for

All our sins.

We gaze upon the river not… Continue

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