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Today as I went for a Doctor appointment the wind and rain have been pretty strong. I arrived a little early and as I sat in my car the bushes and trees moved and seemed to jump for joy as the rain fell and the wind blew. As though they were rejoicing to God and thanking him for the rain. I smiled and thanked God too. Today I learned a friends pathology report was back and the result was "benign". I rejoiced and thanked God. Today as your day goes by see the evidence of God all around you. His love will never end and it raises us up each moment.

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Comment by Richard L. Broch, Sr. on December 24, 2012 at 3:18pm

Greetings JM,

Beautiful post.......

Every morning before dawn, I step outside and have a short talk with the Creator of the universe....just taking in His handiwork, and thanking Him for waking me up another day.

Here's hoping for a favorable medical report and........a joyous Christmas season to you and yours.


Grace and Peace.

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