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Somewhere Tonight…………….

Somewhere tonight a wife sits praying for her very ill husband.

Somewhere tonight a woman begs for pity after being hit again by her husband.

Somewhere tonight a husband wonders if his wife will take him back.

Somewhere tonight a woman struggles with an addiction that threatens her very life.

Somewhere tonight a young soldier looks into the darkness and wonders if he will see the light of day.

Somewhere tonight a young wife sits waiting for her soldier husband to come home.

Somewhere tonight a young woman makes the decision to end her unborn child’s life.

Somewhere tonight lonely people sit quietly wondering will I be alone forever.

Somewhere tonight a woman sits in a jail cell wondering what went so very wrong.

Somewhere tonight a man wonders if he really can find happiness and joy in his life.

Somewhere tonight a child sits on top of a garbage heap looking for food or something to sell.

Somewhere tonight children are dying from malnutrition and disease.

Somewhere tonight women and men pray.

Father, Gentle God have mercy on your creations tonight. Many of us have fallen away from you. Many of us have never known you. Our hearts break tonight. So I know you are saddened too. Thank you for loving us so much.  You gave us your son to die a horrible death.  You raised him up so we could be with you again. You show us what it means to forgive. Father bring us closer to you. Saved by the cross we reach out to you. Comfort those who seek peace, love and joy! Jesus said to Peter, Do you love me?

We love you Lord! Bless us so we can feed your lambs. Bless us so we can love your lambs. Man does not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from God! We lift up all your lambs tonight to you dear God so you may cover them in your glory! Father let not one lamb be lost tonight. We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ , Amen

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Comment by John Rogers on July 30, 2011 at 10:06pm
Hi journeymanhd,

Every night for about the last four months I have prayed that Christ will return soon and end all the pain and suffering in this lost and dying world. ---- I ask God when? When will Christ return? How bad does it need to get? How many children need to suffer? How many lives need to be lost? How much hate needs to be spewed? How many wars need to begin and end? How many more days until the nightmare ends?

Many blessings in Christ.

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