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The word of Jesus found in John 12: 44-50 (NIV)

44 Then Jesus cried out, “Whoever believes in me does not believe in me only, but in the one who sent me. 45 The one who looks at me is seeing the one who sent me. 46 I have come into the world as a light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness.

47 “If anyone hears my words but does not keep them, I do not judge that person. For I did not come to judge the world, but to save the world. 48 There is a judge for the one who rejects me and does not accept my words; the very words I have spoken will condemn them at the last day. 49 For I did not speak on my own, but the Father who sent me commanded me to say all that I have spoken. 50 I know that his command leads to eternal life. So whatever I say is just what the Father has told me to say.”

Last night at our weekly Bible study my wife and I along with some friends shared and studied more of John 12.  I have taken to taking apart sections of the Gospel and "praying, meditating, thinking on " the word God has given us. This helps me have a better perspective on each section. Dissecting the very words of Jesus for me is very enjoyable.

My hope: Please enjoy God's word for us slowly, gently and know that he loves you and I no matter the circumstances of our lives. He is the "Good Shepard" my desire is to follow him home.  Becoming a completely committed follower of Jesus takes time and instruction. But, we need to be teachable as well. Be still and let his word soak into your very being.

Your Brother in Christ,

Journeyman :-)

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