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Fear can and will stop us in our tracks. Rightly so at times. Because fear, healthy fear can keep us alive. Fear can and will also stop us from being the people God meant us to be. Fear can come from lies that we have told ourselves or that others have told us about ourselves. Such as, "I'm just not good enough" or "Your not good enough". "I'm not smart enough"I can never help because I'm just not enough of....Whatever. 

In my own life my own brokenness helped reinforce the lies that kept me from God for many years.  Because of my own brokenness the need to "prove" myself to the world was very powerful. But, when I wasn't successful all the time with that I continued to beat up on myself. Looking back I have been able to see that God was looking for me all along. Just like the Prodigal Son I needed to turn from sin and broken habits and lifestyle and give my heart and very life to God.

When I came here to it was because of an invitation I received because of my seeking help with my relationship with God. I needed answers and I was "hungry" for what God was giving me.  

My prayer is that as new people come here to find answers God will direct them in the path he has for them as he has done me. I continue to grow and I long for more time with our Lord. I continue to struggle knowing I'm not yet where I need to be but I am glad I'm not where I used to be. When we seek God with our hearts open to him, he fills us with his incredible perfect love. I do so enjoy his word in scripture which feeds me daily. Prayer is conversation with him and that is joy. 

Be steadfast in your journey. You are a pilgrim on this path. Know that you belong to our God the almighty whose love is perfect for you. Have Hope in Jesus our perfect intercessor who gave his life that we might share in eternity. Let his sacrifice soak into your soul.

May God bless you and keep you close to him at all times through Jesus Christ in whose name we pray, Amen

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