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Want to know the most motivating, soul-inspiring and liberating words ever uttered?




In other words..."We made it kids. We made it."


No highly intellectual jargon or superlative expression intended to impress. Just a simple statement that declared the greatest victory in universal history...


Jesus' words on the cross are sacred in number and in meaning. Embrace the totality of those…


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"Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani" ...a trip to Hell

Several months ago, while…


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All Around Me


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A Song From Heaven (for real)

In my 20's, I had a dream I was sitting on a craigie cliff in Ireland, overlooking the ocean. The air was misty and a perfect level of cool. As I watched the ebb and flow of the tide, all of a sudden, I had a complete and surreal simplistic understanding that there is no gravity...only magnetism. A perpetual drawing near, never forceful...just like God. I can't describe the feeling… Continue

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And He was there...

I flew to Texas a couple of weeks ago and as I boarded the plane, I prayed...…


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Father... I need to know

How I wish I could've held You

The day that Jesus died

And kissed away the rain on Your cheeks

How hard Your soul must have cried

The deepest blue emotion in eyes so tender

Such sorrow and anguish

Each day I remember

The tide of emotion in my heart

Ebbs and flows in season

It never lets me forget

Your Love is my reason

In the center of my heart



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A supposed revelation on why they didn't recognize Him after the resurrection

Well I've been pondering the whole idea behind why the disciples didn't recognize Jesus when they first saw Him after His resurrection.....

Yesterday I kept hearing these verses from Jason Upton's song "Blinded":

"I don't know
Where I'm going
More and more each day
It's becoming just alright with me

Cuz when I know
Where I'm going
My eyes keep me

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Our Tongues


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Away From the Shore

[This was my reply to a friend's blog. I can somehow still find insight in it.}…


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Dreams of the Rapture

In the last few days, I've had series of dreams on the rapture.

I was shown an image of the entire earth and centers of activity and conflict and the underlying understanding that the Islamic radicals were at the root of the major world conflicts. Missiles with white smoke streaked from east to west across the skies all over the world at once. People were going nuts and running everywhere and screaming,

confused and having nowhere to hide.

Then an announcement came from the… Continue

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I Have No Name

I dreamed last once again about the strange man who presents himself to me and pulls me from the unrelenting crowd who wishes to have him for themselves and shows me that I am his chosen one. Last night as I eagerly entered sleep, I saw this man again. I say "eagerly entered" because it is my dreams which God and Jesus have chosen to often speak directly to me. In this dream, there was a man who was strong and beautiful, in high demand by the females in the crowd. They cried out to him and…


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Facing the Demon

I had a nightmare a couple of nights ago and in it I stood face to face

with the demon that has been tormenting me for many years. I could

describe him to you but I don't want to detract from the point of this


As I stood facing my biggest fear, he said this to me:

"You must become me to fight me!"

I said, "Not anymore."

At that point, I was overcome with his emotions, his rage, disgust and

seething hatred for me. It was… Continue

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Wait Upon the Wind

Changes are occurring. At a rapid rate. My vision is becoming clearer. I am stepping outside myself and seeing myself for the first time.

He created the tree in the Garden, not to tempt, but to offer them a choice whether or not to follow Him. To give them the yin and the yang to know joy and sorrow. If you've known sorrow before, you will know it when it knocks a second time and you will have the option to leave the door shut. This allows you…


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Can you hear His Voice?

"Peace that surpasses all human understanding..."

I felt it when I was a lost 15 year old kid being tormented nightly by the demon that would follow me to this day when 2 angels came to my side to comfort me and bring me out of suicidal depression in an instant. I have also felt it during this trial of my life that's been going on for the last 6 months.

I'd end up writing a book here if I tried to lay out the basics of my life experience. The desire to kill.....was my…


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My Prophetic Dream

This blog does not contain visions of Jesus. At the time it was written, I was as far from God as I ever want to know that I was. Even though, I was given a glimpse into my future.

I wrote this in July about 2 weeks before "the storm" hit. It is freaky how prophetic it is.

This is before I had experienced ANYTHING of the demonic. I

wrote it right after the dream I had where I was flying and saw faces

of what I understood to be my forefathers in white sand on… Continue

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Lover of My Soul

I hear a heartbeat in the sky

A whisper in the rain

I turn and see no one

But I feel You near

Where have I been for so long… Continue

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They fight, till they die

Angels on the sideline,

Puzzled and amused.

Why did Father give these humans free will?

Now they're all confused.

Don't these talking monkeys know that

Eden has enough to go around?

Plenty in this holy garden, silly monkeys,

where there's one you're bound to divide it

Right in two

Angels on the sideline,

Baffled and confused.

Father blessed them all with reason.

And this is what they choose.

(and this is what… Continue

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Wise words from the little man at the VA clinic

While at the VA clinic (the veterans' hospital--in case you don't know), I sat waiting to see the doctor. I watched an elderly man approach the receptionist....moving very slowly with the aid of a walker, with his back permanently bent at a 90 degree angle. I wondered how painful that position must be for someone to be in every second of their lives. But he didn't complain.

He was dressed in a 3-piece suit and I figured it probably took him at least an hour to dress himself… Continue

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From the eye of an empath


How I Know is What I Am

"I've seen blue skies,

through these tears in my eyes,

and I realize, I'm going home."

I sit in my silence

watching the world pass me by.

I am the watcher, the waiter,

the one who feels the heart of the world.

I am an Empath, a seeker of others

and hider amongst the noise.

What I feel,

I feel so… Continue

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