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How I wish I could've held You
The day that Jesus died
And kissed away the rain on Your cheeks
How hard Your soul must have cried

The deepest blue emotion in eyes so tender
Such sorrow and anguish
Each day I remember
The tide of emotion in my heart
Ebbs and flows in season
It never lets me forget
Your Love is my reason

In the center of my heart
I hold a bottle filled with Holy tears
Thru every battle and storm
That raged thru the years
That bottle has kept my own pain grounded
For no anguish compares

To death unfounded
At least in my heart
It all seemed so wrong
My desire to forgive so far away
To this day I fight to be strong

I wonder about that day
With every drop of blood poured out
What it must have looked like in Heaven
Tell me...
Did Your will give out?
Did You rise from the Throne
Only to fall to Your knees?
Father...I need to know
What was it that brought You peace?

As Your baby boy hung helpless and naked
In solitary surrender
His love undebated
What kept You from crashing thru past decisions to save Him
And pulling Him close to mercifully name Him
Then and there sparing another second of anguish
King of Kings
All His sorrows vanquished

Mercy and Love were gifted to us that day
So much not understood
Yet all wrong dissolved away

What would I say
If I had been standing there
Soaked in tears...stained with blood
In agony gasping the same liquid air
As my Savior with undying Love
Did what He did
What no man has done...

"I did it for you, kid."


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Comment by David Velasquez on October 12, 2010 at 7:09pm
Super cool superchick

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