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I hear a heartbeat in the sky
A whisper in the rain
I turn and see no one
But I feel You near

Where have I been for so long
Why did it take a hurricane
To bring me to my knees
Your very presence is an Altar

I bring sorrow to the surface
An offering of truth
For the wretch I was
You bring joy from the abyss in my soul
And tap into the well of life
Still alive in me

Who can stand between us
I am all You ever wanted
Nothing of the world
And all its riches
The very things that bring it to its knees
What comes from a bagful of money
Or acres of freedom
Not joy
Not love
No satisfaction
Comes from the hype of wealth
That is a way of the world

I know a Secret that they don't know
A Passion so deep
And so true
That nothing can quench the fire within

A storm of emotion builds
And I'm in flight once again
Searching and pulling and drawing nearer
To You
You are my Fire
My Light
My Love
My Power
My Freedom
My Soul

You promised to join with me as One
And You held true
So deep is my love for You
Dancing with me each step of The Way
Holding me close as You sing to me
A song only I can hear
My tears You turn to wine
And we dine on Love
We drink one another in with a look

How blessed I am to have You here
Inside my tiny world
You light the way and cast the stones
Into the distance
For me to build my life upon

A Grace of perfection
A touch of fire
A presence of calm
And perfect peace
I feel You all through my being
Through my spirit You guide me
You kiss away the hurt
And Your smile gives life
Back to my eyes

I can't look away
From the beauty of Your face
Your eyes burning like fire
The Light of Life burning bright
At once I become that little girl again
And blush when You look my way

I breathe deep
When You motion for me to come near
Unsure if I can stand what I'm feeling
I want to laugh
To cry
To sing all at the same time
I am in love
With a man so pure and true
I can't imagine life without You
You are my completion
A man I was born to be with
Let me never lay my head down
Without my kiss and a prayer
Without You knowing
What You mean to me

You are a seal upon my heart
Love stronger than death
Pull me nearer to You love
Hold me tight until the darkness passes
There is no fear when You are near
Nothing could quench this fire
I have never known a love so strong
So deep
You are all I want
I know that when I see You
Nothing else matters
Everything's okay

So safe and silent
I wait
In Your arms I know
There is no other way
Breathe into me
Touch me with a gentle hand
Never let me go

I still feel You
Smell You
Feel the heat of Your kiss on my cheek
And it never fades away

You saved me from myself
And I will give You my life
From now until forever
Lover of my Soul


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