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Am I Worth Saving?

Yesterday, in my morning devotions I read about God knowing our afflictions, based on the Lord saying to the Christians in Smyrna, “I know your afflictions and your poverty—yet you are rich!” (Revelation 2:9) and, then, this morning, I read about God knowing our love and faith, based on where He told the Christians at Thyatira, “I know your deeds, your love and faith, your service and perseverance, and that you are now doing more than you did at first”(Revelation 2:19).

Am I…


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This doesn't mean that all of the stuff that was making me unhappy isn't still there.

I'm not med free, anymore, and it bothers me because I know that research shows that talk therapy (counseling) is more effective in re-wiring the brain, or at least in re-working it, so that mental wounds are actually dealt with in a way that they might heal even while they are causing the depression that is leading to the chemical imbalance, and, unlike drugs, it works without the threat of dangerous side effects, but I needed more serotonin (the neurotransmitter that transmits good feelings)… Continue

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How could it ever be possible for me to ... become able to meet situations that I can't even anticipate facing?

Was it just coincidence? 

A few days ago, both of the devotionals from which I've currently been reading and which are written by two different authors, for that specific day, were about Romans 8:28. Then I read from Spurgeon's Morning and Evening Devotional, and he stated in the evening one that "The sighs, the ignorance, the feebleness of the little ones of His flock draw forth His compassion," but I've never imagined that to be true. I've always viewed God as being angered by my… Continue

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I'll never have a faith that will be stronger than all my fears.

It's hard for me to separate what are my own plans and solutions from just surrendering to God's will. I think, at times, that maybe God always wants me to come up with solutions for myself, all by myself.

Maybe I'm wrong.

Maybe God really always wants to just work things out for us by…


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Beauty out of ashes

Isaiah 61

New American Standard Bible

Exaltation of the Afflicted

1The Spirit of the Lord GOD is upon me,

Because the LORD has anointed me

To bring good news to the afflicted;

He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted,

To proclaim liberty to captives

And freedom to prisoners;

2To proclaim the favorable year of the LORD

And the day of vengeance of our God;

To comfort all who mourn,

3To grant those who mourn in… Continue

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Meeting with many trials ...

Last Thursday afternoon, it was sunny and clear and the temperature was much warmer than in previous days, rising towards the 60s from having been below freezing only a few nights earlier, and I decided to go into town to take care of some errands.

Since Thanksgiving, I’ve written six letters to one of my older brothers, who has chronic progressive liver disease…


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You've no reason to praise Him?

Last night, during TheNET praise and prayer meeting, when asked to share a praise, I found myself looking around helplessly, trying to think of something to say. I felt nervous, but, this morning, upon reflection, I realized there was more to it than just anxiety, as I was remembering having said, "A praise? So much is wrong. I don't know."

Yet, when they were gathering up prayer requests, I was able to share, fairly easily, three personal appeals for divine help.


Today, it…


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Outside Looking In


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"Why do you never pray this for you?"

There are times when I just want to shut out the world and I spend a lot of time alone, just wanting quietness. I've read that there's nothing wrong with it, as long as you don't make it a regular thing. It can even help you find a balance -- whatever that means. (I'm taking a guess, but, I think it probably means, in my case, as opposed to being unbalanced). 

I have made it a daily thing. I seldom want to be around people. 

Last night, temps dropped here to -22 with wind… Continue

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But it's not even what I wanted to write about.

These days, a lot is being said about selfies and their possible links to narcissism, mental illness, even psychopathy, but actually, no matter what taking them and posting them might be really saying about us, good, bad, or ugly, selfies are nothing new in human behavior and the social environment. 

Selfies have a long history.

A brief google search reveals that many artists have painted self portraits, not only modern artists, but ones who lived as long ago as the…


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Both can be right

Most of the time I want to be just by myself. I've tried talking to others only to discover that no one really understands what I went through and some even forget what I share, which, when that happens, whether it's true or not that they were listening, I don't know, but it feels like they weren't listening, let alone understanding, and it feels like passive rejection, but maybe they just have too much of their own stuff going on for mine to really register with them or to really mean anything… Continue

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Loss can become the center of one's life

Will it ever stop hurting? 

Maybe you are wondering.

I wonder.

Most people who have experienced a loss, no matter what it has been, has felt a pain so severe that it seemed unendurable. The suffering, sadness, and crying can appear to be bottomless and eternal.

The loss can become the center of one's life without one even realizing it. 

It seems like a loss never occurs singularly, but many losses come in a big bundle, all wrapped up… Continue

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Holding all of the pain tightly inside ...

I've always had a way of losing myself in my thoughts and my emotions. 

Emotions can be so strong, over-powering, difficult to manage. It's easy to lose oneself in them.

Shutting off your feelings is an emotional defense against pain and loss, and I've used it in the face of so many struggles and so many losses, so as not to lose myself.

I learned, at a very young age, how to put a lid on grief and loss and all the other negative emotions. It seemed like the… Continue

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How could I enjoy myself when others are suffering?

Have you ever wondered how it's possible to be at peace and still enjoy things when there is so much suffering going on around you?

I remember always feeling this way, even to the point of wondering, when Dad was terminally ill, how could I possibly enjoy so much as just having a hot cup of coffee with a warm danish while someone so close to me was suffering?

I've always felt bad because others were feeling bad.

I suppose it's sympathy, but it means I suffer…


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No way of knowing ...

One of my brothers is terminally ill. I have seven brothers, five older, two younger. He is second to my oldest brother. 

He has chronic progressive liver disease and is not a candidate for liver transplantation. 

His health has been gradually declining for several years, but such is the case for those diseases that cause organ failure.

I saw him on Thanksgiving Day, while visiting my mother.

He was using a cane, but was unable to stand for any length… Continue

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I can't relate to them.

Although I have kept asking to know Him better, I've been growing further and further away from God, not closer. 

I have heard others describing their deep and meaningful relationships with God, their growing faith, their immense love, but I struggle with the feeling of being cut off, being forgotten. 

My heart echoes the sentiment found in this verse, "I say to God, my rock: “Why have you forgotten me? Why do I go mourning because of the oppression of the enemy?” Ps… Continue

Added by Amanda on November 29, 2014 at 9:30pm — 2 Comments

There's nothing anyone can do ...

I say them often to myself. 

Those words, I wish I was never born. 

It's a negative message that I received as a child.

I wish you were never born. 

It remains with me.

There's nothing anyone can do to change the past, or to remove its pain, or to fix the damage. 

As I was praying, during the early hours this morning, I acknowledged all of it to God, and especially that it can't be fixed -- the damage. It's done.

I… Continue

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I won't be able to do this in my own strength.

Last evening, it was more of an introduction for new volunteers, than a training session, which I attended, and the speaker, a licensed clinical social worker for the advocacy agency committed to helping victims of domestic violence, shared information about their mission and ways that they help survivors heal, as well as the dynamics of abuse, warning signs of violence, and how to respond.

The meeting was held in the conference room at the shelter, which is located on a farm, fully… Continue

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I'm praying for courage ...

Whenever I begin feeling hopeful or joyful, even in small ways, I also feel I am waiting for inevitable bad things to happen.

Always, it seems that the one event that brings joy is linked somehow to the other event that brings a trial, and even when the joy is very light and small, the trial is very bitter and hard, and, all too often, it will consist of more than one problem.

Nonetheless, I have to press on. I mustn't turn back.

I've asked God to come into all… Continue

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I wonder if He means me ...

As I sat alone on the sofa, tonight, I noticed a bright light starting to shine through the cracks of the closed window blind, hanging on my front door.

I peeked through it and then stepped outside the front door into the chilly air.

The moon was rising in the east, a full round disc, right behind the empty, dilapidated, old farmhouse that sits, noiselessly, just across the way. 

Its ruins to most are an eyesore, with shattered window panes and rotting… Continue

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