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I have been asking myself the above questions in the way God answers our prayers. I even came here with a discussion of arbotion sin, and was helped that God really answers and forgives and He also forgets. Now the thing that has brought me here, is this , I am pregnant and the doctor says that am carrying twins

I am married,

already have two girls and I asked God to give me a boy. Now after this ultrasound report from the Doctor am confused, Is that how God answers? am thinking of how sterssed and busy will I be in few coming months for me to carry twins . at the same time am also thinking that maybe thats how God works I am just comfused sometimes and sometimes accepting situation. Idont know if God is trying to wipe away my tears of repentance. I just want a word of encouragement.


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Hello my dear Sister. God answers our questions through prayer and through the reading or listening to his word, the Bible.

Searching for answers in fellowship is part of our growth to Christ follower maturity. I'm posting  links to very helpful web sites that I feel will help you. Like anything worth having we must work to achieve victory. 

Your Brother in Christ, journeyman

Hi Christina,

I echo what Journeyman has already said to you.   Those websites he listed for you are all wonderful places for trustworthy resources.

I'm sorry to hear you're feeling overwhelmed and stressed.  Please know beloved that God is not the author of confusion. 

Having and raising children is one of the most difficult, challenging and rewarding things we will do in our lives. 

I hope to encourage you by reminding you that children are a blessing....  a gift from God.

Psalm 127:3-5

"Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him. Children born to a young man are like arrows in a warrior’s hands. How joyful is the man whose quiver is full of them! He will not be put to shame when he confronts his accusers at the city gates."
At times when we feel overwhelmed, stressed and confused, those are the times that we need to lean into our Lord more by reading and studying His word.  With two young children and two more on the way that may be challenging for you right now.  There are other resources such as audio bibles and audio Christian books and videos which can help you to stay in the word while you're going about your daily tasks.  Try to listen to Christian music so that you are being filled in that way also.  This is a time in your life when you are putting all of yourself out for your young family, so you need to make sure you are being taken care of in godly ways.
Do you have a close godly friend you can confide in?  Try to have her visit you for coffee or tea... she could even bring the coffee. 
God will provide for you all.
Proverbs 3:5,6
"Trust in the Lord with all your heart
Do Not lean on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge Him
and HE will direct your steps."
HE will also direct and guide you.  You simply need to trust Him and acknowledge Him.
One last thought...  I have found in my life, that when I look at the obstacle ahead of me, it becomes bigger.  It begins to be insurmountable as I fix my eyes on it, it's  all I can see.  BUT, when I look at God (trust and acknowledge HIM), my obstacle shrinks and eventually I find that I have victory over the very thing that was stressing me out.  I always make the obstacle bigger than it deserves to be, and give it far more power than it actually has.  When I give the obstacle to God I experience His peace, guidance, direction, provision, comfort, grace and mercy...  and His unfailing love. 
 Please know you're not alone, and your struggles and feelings are not unusual.  It's better to do this with God than without Him.  His ways are better than ours.  He understands our anxieties and struggles and doesn't want us to walk alone.  Trust Him.
I hope this encourages you. 
Blessings, Carla

Word of Encouragement???   You are carrying twins, WHAT A BLESSING!!  I'm not sure as to what happened that you feel God is not answering you?  I'm just a little confused as to the sadness...I haven't been on here a while, so perhaps I've missed something, but I'm overjoyed for you, what a beautiful gift you've received!  

None of us know whats going to happen....even a minute from now, but know this, God does and His way is perfect and right.

Be encouraged, for the Lord is giving to you a duo....He is entrusting you to take them, love them, care for them, and grow them up in such a magnificent way that the Lord will be glorified through you and those children, including the 2 daughters.  

My, what a gift....I pray that this will bring encouragement to you, whether a boy or a girl, whether 2 boys or 2 more girls, it is and will always be a wonderful gift....  I am EXCITED for you!  Much Love to you and yours.  PW

You haven't missed anything. You're reading it the same way the rest of us are.

oh thanks for the encouragement, am really not the same. May God forgive me for the worries.

thanks once again

I'm praising the Lord that you've been relieved in your anxiety. Now, blast off into your world of motherhood & love every second of it. I had my twins just yesterday & they turned 17 three weeks ago.

Just because God doesn't answer us in the manner in which we desire doesn't mean He doesn't answer. I have twins & another son 11 months older than them. So, I had Irish triplets. I also have 3 older kids as well. Yes, your road ahead is going to be tiring, sleepless nights, no bath for days, no make-up, your hair kept in a pony tail because you don't have time to brush it, dishes are going to pile up, laundry goes for days without being done & you'll forget to eat at times. The grocery bill is going to double because it's double the diapers, double the formula & double the clothes. You're going to walk around with 2 babies on each hip while feeding the other 2. You're going to get annoyed at the husband for not walking in the door & taking over even though he's worked all day. HOWEVER, there is no hardship too hard that ever overrides the love & the joy being a mother can. bring. Thank the Lord & praise Him for this blessing of carrying 2 healthy, precious babies regardless of their sex.

I have 5 boys & 1 girl. There is something special about the bond I have with my baby girl though she's not a baby any more. She's 27. My boys are mama's boys as well & don't care who knows it. They'll hug up on me, love me & kiss me in public & tell me they love me. & I'd die for any of them if need be but me & my daughter are different. I don't love her any more than I love my sons but we have a special connection. A study was just done at the end of last year that showed that the mother-daughter bond was stronger than any other relationship in the family. 

Your home will be filled with more laughter, more happiness & more joy than you ever thought was possible because He has blessed you with 2 more awesome, precious, loving baby girls. Oh, the curls in their hair, the big bows that are bigger than their heads that matches their outfit on the first day of school, the frilly dresses & socks & those black patent leather shoes they wear on Sunday mornings going to church. And it's a high probability that one will be a tomboy & hate the bows & dresses & frills & curls. When my daughter was around 4 & 5, she loved wearing dresses. When she went outside, there was no way any dirt was going to touch her. If it did she'd come to me crying & say, "Mama I got dirt on my quose. 

Twins are fun. When you watch them interact with one another as they lay side by side in their bassinet like they did in the womb, it's just a beautiful sight to behold. If they're identical, you get to match their outfits. Mine weren't identical but I dressed them alike when they were babies. As they got older, I got older. I got too tired to match their clothes. They did good to keep a diaper on half the time. I'd get them dressed & 30 minutes later, they'd be naked as the day they came into this world. They had stripped down & running around while letting the boys fly free in the breeze. I stopped matching them because I also wanted them to be individuals. Yes, twins have a bond unlike other brothers & sisters. They're now 17 years old & their brother is 18. They still to this day hug up on each other & never walk off from each other without saying, "I love you". For many many years the younger twin always felt like he needed to look after his brother. Even if he didn't want to do what his brother was doing, he'd go anyway to make sure he stayed safe. So, not only will they have that bond with you but they'll have a special bond with each other. 

Like Watchman, I'm not sure where the sadness comes from other than the fact that they are girls & you wanted a boy. I can't imagine someone staying upset about that too awfully long unless you live in China where they force you to abort girls because they only want 1 child per family & it has to be a son.

My daughter isn't my husband's & he wanted a daughter. At my ultrasound, they asked if twins ran in the family. I looked at him & told him I was going to kill him. I only wanted 1 more. When we found out they were boys, my joy was still complete knowing those precious blessings were entrusted to me. My husband was disappointed for maybe a split second but when she printed out those 2 ultrasound pictures, one said Baby A & the other said Baby B, you couldn't extinguish our excitement with a fireman's hose. He said then, he already had his daughter (meaning my baby girl) & she still lives with us today, not that I wouldn't love to see her move out without it costing me any money. hahahaha 

My daughter was living in California & I was in NC & she would call me if she had a headache. I'm her 911, her doctor,  her psychiatrist, her therapist, her Spiritual guide, her matchmaker, her mother & most of all, best friend.  My opinion means more to her than anyone's. If the world said they loved something about her & I told her I didn't, it wouldn't matter what the world said. One thing I beg of you dear. When those babies come into this cruel, hard world, Never EVER let them feel your disappointment. Babies know. They feel the rejection. Show them the love that God shows us. When Jesus rose from that grave in all of His glory to reveal his complete love to us, that's the love I pray you give all of those little young ladies. When feeding them, look down into their adorable faces & tell them how much you love them. Their beautiful eyes are taking it all in. Though we may get discouraged at times & are disappointed here & there, as long as we're walking the path that the Lord has laid out for us, things are going to be alright. Life is never sweeter than when we're sitting in the midst of His will. Anyway, sorry for the novel but I just thought I'd share the excitement me & my husband felt at the news of having twins. I also wanted to share my experience of having a daughter & what that bond means for she & I. 

Amen Tammy.  Absolutely beautiful response.

So proud of you are learning how to write short novels.....and I drank in every word.  I concur with Carla, very beautifully written and expressed.

And Christina, even tho you may not feel it physically....arms are wrapped around you precious.  You are loved beyond belief, let Jesus pour His love into your heart.  

Thanks very much for the word of encouragement.

Tammy, this is just more than an encouragement to me. I thank God for the twins in waiting. I put everything in his hands. He will guide me through.

Thanks once again

Amen Christina. We're rejoicing with you in this great blessing.


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