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There are a lots of miracles that happened in my life. I would like to share one by one the things that come to my mind.


Sometime back I was about to take my driving test. People usually get money (In India people bribe even to do the job they are supposed to do) as bribe. But I have firmly decided that I will not be giving any money to the Officer.

I have practiced to drive two wheeler only a day before. But to my surprise I drove it well.

The real thing was the four wheeler.The gear system in the car I practiced and the car I took test was different. The inspector asked me to start the vehicle with first gear. I did it. The vehicle moved. Surprised he asked me to go to 3rd gear I could not. So, he asked me to stop the vehicle.

After the inspector went off, the driving school teacher told me that he has never seen a person starting the vehicle in 3rd gear yet move the vehicle. Now the rule is a person can be failed in driving test only if the vehicle stops. Miraculously the vehicle moved instead of stopping. They did not collect any money from me. Praise God


I am not sure which class I was studying at that time probably I was 10 or 11 years old.There were lots of financial problems in my family.We started wandering away from God that is me, my brother and mother by leaving God the first place.The family debt started to increase.One day some one invited us for a prayer meeting.Me and my brother went first and my mother was to come late and join.The prayer started.The preacher closed his eyes and started praying.As soon as my mother entered the preacher who is already closing his eyes started telling "There is a sister here, she is surrounded by demon who are trying to take her life but a cross is coming to save her".Then he proceeded to tell the exact place in my house where my mother has hidden 30 sleeping pills.My mom burst with tears and that was the day me,my brother and mother were born again.Thank you God for saving our lives


This is one of the incidents I keep reminding myself. I was working in a hardware institute. At that time my pay was little less than that of the office boy in that company. I was handling three plus profiles which includes Faculty, Lab Technician and stock maintenance guy. One day I found some books were missing and I reported that to the technical manager at that time. But people felt I do not know how to take stock count. Later after a few days I found some books were added to the existing stock. I refused to issue any book to the students since me and the office boy were counting this time, I knew for sure the mistake was not from my side. I had my doubts on few people especially the accountant who also had access to the stock room. She was working there for more than 3 years before I join. I tried to explain people that something wrong is happening. But everyone including my brother and cousin felt I am not good in maintaining stock.

At last my senior manager called me and informed that a sum of Rs 300 would be cut off from my pay if the two books lost were not found. At that time family was under a debt of more than a Lakh rupee. It’s the matter of money alone but my honesty was also questioned.

I went into the library which was a small room in that office and I sat down and cried to God. Sooner I was taken out of stock maintenance. Since I was good in terms of sending reports, I was assigned another responsibility called Exam Coordinator. After six months the guy who was appointed in my place for stock maintaining got similar situations. So the new management looked into it and found that the accountant has stolen Rs 3,00,000 from the stock. Praise God at last my brother, cousin and all other employees came to know I was honest in my work. And before the same people who tried to pull me down God lifted me up. Praise God !!!


One day in our youth fellowship, some 8-10 year back. I conducted the bible study. I was talking about Judas Iscariot. The discussion  was whether Judas would be in heaven or hell,since it was God's plan that he should do it. Towards the end of the discussion I concluded that committing suicide is wrong a per the bible. But there was one person in our church who kept on asking if Judas would go to hell or heaven. I told him I cannot judge it but I know I should not commit suicide.

This person who asked me the question say his name is XYZ, had two friends say ABC and DEF. Now ABC had a love failure and he committed suicide. Now DEF kept on seeing visions like ABC is calling him to die. He too committed suicide.XYZ though attends bible studies was not a complete christian, he drinks a lot. He too have told that his friend DEF  is calling him to die. We as a group of two three people prayed for him.

After few days, he put the knot on the ceiling fan to suicide. But the rope got cut off. So he tried a blanket and made it into a rope. That too miraculously got cut off. When he fell down and received a sms in his phone "You are born to live" from his close friend. Still he persisted and took poison. But suddenly someone saw him and took to hospital and he survived. He told me when we were having evening walk. Walk. He told me with the mindset of committing suicide he attended the bible study. We were not great people, not prophets or miracle workers, But God sure listens to our prayers and he knows of needs. Please keep praying and keep sharing and ave many people

5. Miracles in the beginning of the Year

I am very happy that this year is starting with miracles in my life. I would like to share it with you my friends so that you also could be encouraged with that


1)Probably this is the first time after my brother got married , we went to Church together as a family with a happy face and heart.

2)Sunday the 2-Jan-2011 , I prayed and read Matthew 14 before going to church.It was a very well known passage.I went to church praying for God to speak to me.The preacher chose Matthew 14 and started explaining it.You know , that is what I exactly needed at that time.Today I came to office and looked in linkedin bible study group. It was posted a month back but the same message about Jesus walking on the sea.But only today I felt like looking at that group.


3)Today the 3-Jan-2011 , I was about to wake up at 4:30 PM for Night shift, my mother felt something is burning in the house and not definitely the stove.she searched here and there and at last found my dad's bedroom Fan regulator is burning.Suddenly she switched off the main power to our house. Thank God he saved us


I started working on the translation project, translating English Christian Books in Tamil from today.

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Comment by Jayaseelan Samuel on June 29, 2011 at 2:07am
Lost and Found, Today I searched for my bank passbook from morning, so I was fed up but prayed to God I will find it somehow. At last I found it in the least expected place.Praise God !!!

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