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I went to meet my Mom's elder sister, she is mentally ill (may be possessed by an evil spirit, but not sure). She has not ate food for more than 7 days and haven't had a good sleep. She screamed that me and my mom were dead. So, me & mom went to meet her in her town. After seeing her she could recognise us but, she is still having some imaginary characters around her, who advises her that whatever food or drink we give her is having poison. She also is not stopping to curse people who help her and use abusive words. Also she sings spiritual songs and Prays to Jesus. Her husband married her at the age of 19 and left her at 25. He was not to be found for a long time. Later we came to know he married someone else. Now she is over 65 years and is imagining herself as a 25 year old bride. She thinks we killed her husband when he finally came to meet her yesterday. In reality he is still alive. She also thinks many of us are dead or murderers.

She was given drips , it did not work. The doctor advised to make her sleep. So we forcefully gave her sleeping drug. But that also did not work immediately. After 2 hours she somehow slept for some 4 hours. Again she woke up and started cursing everyone. We sat and prayed for her. I read Mark 5, which taks about a demon possesed man, a woman who was subjected to bleeding for 12 years, and daughter of Jairus's daughter who was restored to life. She did not recover after our prayers. I cam back home with a heavy heart again I prayed to God about her and read Luke 8 same incidents. I do not know what God wants to tell me. Pray for us do

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