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Need the help of Prophets


If God has given you the gift of prophesy or visions, then I would need your favour. I am praying for several people's salvation. Time and again I may need some people to unite with me in prayer. At times I may need someone who has gift of prophecy (Not to know the future) to know what could be the next step I could take. If you are a prophet, add me as friend, and give me some  guidence. Thanks !

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My Prayer List

Pray for the salvation of the following people

1. Moorthy-Church worker

2. Ravikumar-Chicken and Mutton stall owner

3. Rajendran - Printing press owner

4. Azaguraja-Website designer

5. Pushpa - Guitarist (Brunstad Christian Church)

6. Meera - Violinist (Brunstad Christian Church)

7. Samuel - Translator, Keyboardist (Brunstad Christian Church)

8. Lispan - (Brunstad Christian Church)

9. Jayaraj - (Brunstad Christian…


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Pray for the redemption of Pushpa

Please pray for the salvation of one of my friends named Pushpa. At first she was ready to do ministry in all the churches, but her parents belong to a cult, which preaches that their church is the bride of Jesus and all other churches are harlot. Pray that she will come out of this pit.

Right now there is a situation to make her stay in this cult forever. Please pray that this situation would be broken. And she would become free to attend any church. She has also been taught…


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Save My friends through your prayers

Dear Friends,

Some of my friends are caught up in a cult group which teaches that Jesus Christ had lust in His flesh, and he prayed to Father for him to be cleansed from such sins. This group focusses much on sin than on Jesus. Their leaders have more authority than the word of God itself. Please pray that my friends would be saved from such group. Thanks !

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Pending Payment and Youth Meeting

"I am waiting for my payment for the past two months, every now and then I am making such prayers, really I don't want to do that. But my situation forces me to pray that way. Pray for my payment and some regular income please !"
"I have been invited for a church's youth conference in the month of May. I am in double thoughts. Please pray that I should return from the camp with a joyful heart. Or let God stop me from going there !"

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Like to be fearless in the love of God

Dear Friends,

I will be 29 years old in few minutes time. I have a little fear in my heart to pray certain things. Fear that God may not be interested to grant me. I personally feel there is nothing wrong in my prayer. But because I faced many negative answers, I am getting used to the habit of not praying will all my strength.  There are several important prayers in my heart this year. The Trust (NGO) I have formed is totally inactive. I am also praying for my personnel life.…


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Praise Report

Dear Friends,

I asked many of you to pray for my job and God to open up opportunities to help my family through providing me job where I could earn. Now I got an inverter to my house to store electricity and use it during power cut times. Also many projects are coming on my way.

Pls continue to pray for me, as I am looking forward to use what ever God has given me for His Glory.

With Thanks & Regards,

Jayaseelan Samuel

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Pray for me to be an useful tool for God

Every single move I planned in the last two to three years have been unsuccessful. i am praying to break this chain and be useful to God. There is some thing that is stopping me from getting paid & be useful to God. very simple thing are not happening in terms of the Trust I built to help poor children's education.

right now I am waiting for an interview result and some projects for translation. if I can get enough income to take care of my family I can use the rest of my… Continue

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Looking fro a breakthrough

Since I did not finish my previous translation projects on time, I told my boss to decide if he should get more projects, since I felt guilty of finishing the work of God late (Though there are reasons like Power Cut). I did not get any other opportunity to work anywhere as well. Keep me in your prayers

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Forgiving Those Who Judge You

Forgiving Those Who Judge Your

After Job had prayed for his friends, the LORD made him prosperous again and gave him twice as much as he had before" (Job 42:10).

Have you ever been wrongly judged? Have you ever had people assume there was sin in your life because of the troubles you may have experienced? Or perhaps they judged your motives as wrong. What if the people judging you were your closest friends?

This was exactly what happened in the…


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Danish Raja to get Job

Dear Friends,

Please pray for my friend Danish Raja to get a job as soon as possible. He is currently studying a course in SAS. He worked elsewhere before this but was not permanent. Please pray that soon he will get a job

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Red for Red, White for White & God for God

Note: If you do not have time to read it online, pls copy it to your notepad, save it in your computer and read. If you like the bible study pls share it


Dear Friends,


This will be the first of three bible studies about Jacob this week.



Red for Red

 Let me tell you in short about who Jacob is. He is one of the twins born to Isaac & Rebecca. His brother Esau was born first, since Esau was hairy and red during birth…


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I am available

Dear Lord,

I am waiting for your counsel.

I do not know what kind of ministry I should do

Is it Video,  Radio,  Text, Speech. Personnel Counselling or Sports Ministry, Music?

I am waiting for your response.

I am available God.

Use me as you wish

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Working Woman

Working Women


Proverbs 31:10-31


The most fascinating thing about this passage is that, it is most suitable for people of this age where both the spouses are working in most of the houses due to economy. The following are the important things mentioned about her noble woman


Following are the things that are mentioned about the noble woman

         a) Home maker

         b) Working staff

        c) Business…


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Diana's Enemy


Whenever Christianity is preached in any country, there arose many riots. Let us see one such story & learn to apply


Diana is the statue or a stone that the people in the city of Ephesus worshipped. It is thought to be a meteor which fell from the outer space (Acts of Apostles chapter 19 Verse 35). According to the Ephesians, Diana is a fertility god; just like Lingam or Yoni worshipped by Hindus. When Demetrius a craftsman who was making small statue…


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Why God Hates Divorce-Jim Tonkowich

Why God Hates Divorce

Jim Tonkowich

"I hate divorce," says the LORD God of Israel, "and I hate a man’s covering himself with violence as well as with his garment," says the LORD Almighty. (Malachi 2:16)

I’ve been going to church for years.  I’ve heard thousands of sermons, Bible studies, and Sunday school lessons.  I’ve also preached hundreds of sermons and done a great deal of teaching.  In all that time I can never remember a sermon, a study, or a…


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Let Man not Seperate What God Hath Joined

Dear Friends,

Me & my friend worked on a song to make divorced couples think about reunion. We worked for more than two months. Please listen to the song that I am sending you and if you think it could save some families, feel free to share it with them. We decided not to sell this song rather share it free of cost in youtube so that many families would be benefitted. Bible does not allow divorce, though Moses allowed Israelites to divorce due to the hardening of…


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Give me a new song !

Dear God,
All the old songs that I used to hear are like using the same words, help me to praise u with new songs with new words from my heart. Thank u God !

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Stupid arranged marriage system in India

Dear Friends,

Arranged marriage is one stupid concept in India. The parents of a boy will look for a suitable girl in terms of Caste,Gold & money, physical appearance.The girl's parents will look for a guy with good salary,caste & physical appearance.Now u may wonder what is caste system.When Brahmins came to India they divided people based on jobs and kept themselves at the top of list.According to them Brahmins come from the heathen God Brahma's head,royals from chest,wealthy… Continue

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I have a very big God,but does he want me to continue with this life?

Power cut timings from morning 6-9,12-3,6:15-6:45,8:30-9:15,10:30-11:30, 12:30-1, 4-4:30. Not really able to finish the work I am supposed to finish, with that my life is also in dilemma? Need the helping hand of God

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