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Dear Friends,

I am currently translating English Christian books into Tamil language(Indian language).I get paid once I finish a set of books(More than 3 ).It takes months sometimes to finish the work and get paid.Like how it happened now.


But I enjoy this work.It gives me lot of time to spend in the Youth fellowship in our church which I am leading.Time to teach children in minor jail, village and orphanage.I get time to record my voice for Gospel radio and write stories for Christian movies.I love this work


I would be happy to get paid every month, enjoy the same kind of time flexibility and freedom to serve God.I am very happy about my job.Sometimes I felt I am not blessed financially.I am praying nowadays for financial blessing so that I will not be in need for money for the basic needs, such as household expenses, to buy a vehicle, to repair my laptop which I used for teaching children in orphanages.


I am praying for God's revelation to what I should be doing.Please do pray for me.Should I leave ministry to be able to meet my needs? should I leave God's work to be financially sound? I don't know what God wants me to do. I am praying for His revelation.Please do keep me in your prayers.Thanks !

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