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Hello everyone... for about two years in and joining some sites here especially the Christian Fellowship Sites, not only I have fellowship with brethren and gain my knowledge and faith in Christ... but also God gave me special gifts that using for His glory, lifting His Name and proclaiming His Kingdom...And we are only His vessel that He use to people to share His blessings too... kindly read :

I notice that many friends don't have theme/page lay-outs.. Honestly I'm not computer literate when I started to have internet I'm very thankful to God for what He did for me... as we desire to have a wisdom that coming from Him... He guide,lead and teach us in doing His ministry in net... take note it's not our own ministry but His ministry and we are only His vessel...
Here are some tips on how to have your own page lay-outs.. try it, learn it and share it to your friends too ok...

Click Manage My Page or Photo-- Click MY PAGE
Go to Appearance: Change your theme on the Appearance page.
You have 2 choices there:
1 - a ready made theme... there are 52 patterns just click what you want to your page.
2 -Now, make it unique:
You can get your lay-outs from:
There are many sites where you can get one but I usually go to this site.

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When you choose your like lay-outs there ( for example in friendster lay-outs- click the picture then look for the Code for CSS section-copy that code
Go to * Basic Theme * All Options * Advanced---- Click Advanced, delete all details there and paste the Code for CSS-- then SAVE .
Now, check your page, if you see that your lay-outs are not the same as what you see in friendster lay-outs, its because of your color and text format, go back to Appearance, then go to * Basic Theme * All Options---click all options,


Header--- must be transparent
 Take note: if you can not see transparent color you need to write the word transparent ok....
Body--- must be transparent
Side Image--- must be none
Header Image---must be none
Top Bar & Footer--- must be transparent
Icons---choose your fave color
Module--- must be transparent
Sides--- must be transparent
Body Image---must be none
Subheader--- must be transparent
Status---choose your fave color

Text--- all will depend on your like color... choose that can be easily seen and readable to your friends...
Network Name
Network Logo

Once you finish --- Save.. then go back again to your page...
Now, try it, learn it and share it with your friends too...
If you have question always remember I'm always here as your friend and sister in Christ...keep in touch and God bless you....

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Praise the Lord for the wonderful grace you shared to us ate Kath!
Thank you so much for your help on this, I tried but it didn't work, I was able to use one on another site from theme worx. Thanks again for sharing.
Thank you for sharing this with me. You are a blessing in my life. Praise the Lord. Haleluja!!! I got tight daily schedules but all is for His glory. Praise the Lord. Haleluja!!! God bless, protect and keep us all abundantly always. Haleluja!!! Christy Gabriel
Thank you Kathleen for kindly sharing this.
I will try it out in due time and trusst I will succeed.
Praying for you and yours as you serve HIM
It was great.You are doing a great work for the LORD and May HE Bless You and your family abundantly.You have been a real Blessing to others.May GOD Bless You and Your family and Guide You All
Thank you for these helpful instructions! I will definately try this when i get a minute or two, I do love the look of your site :-) .
thanks a lot sis.. God bless us all!
Thanks for this helpful tips.
Thank you for sharing this dear sister Kathleen. Praise the Lord. Haleluja!!! May Jesus bless your ministry for His glory. Christy Gabriel


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