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I have endured all sorts and have kept holding on to him, but this time it is way too much. I am here asking for prayers and support.

The question I am battling with is, if life is much of a struggle, much of endurance, everyday waking up to new challenges and battles why then strive so much to live? What's there to live for? I don't know maybe someone can enlighten me on this. I have all my life worked towards good and done good, served, sometimes if not most of times to a point of my very own predicament... Where is God?

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Mandisa Mndela
Founder: Stand Your Truth

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He is with you Mandisa, right now, right here.  Do not quit, you've got the King of Kings at your side, the Lord of Lords, He will never fail you, no matter what you experience....even in the  most dire of circumstances.  I don't have any knowledge of what your circumstances may be, but I do know one thing, He is with you.  

I am sending prayers up for you Mandisa.  Hang on tight, sometimes its a white knuckled ride, but you will prevail no matter what.  The chief end of man is to Glorify the LORD.  Cling to Him and you will sail along on the rocky seas with faith.  This is the time that your faith will go to work, even at the end of the day, no matter what happens.

Stand Your Truth my sweet sister...


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