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What do you do when you are praying for healing and restoration in the marriage, but the other person has said and making it well known that they don't want the marriage anymore, but God is not releasing me to divorce... I don't want to keep hurting, while he is married, living single.

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Thanku so much Tammy!! The fight is def. Not easy!. It's hard not to go by what u see..

I know it's not Carissa. Carla has given you some sound Biblical advice. I pray the Lord will give you strength during this time of trial. 


I agree, Carla has given you come very good Biblical advice to cling to.  Painful circumstances are never easy, we all want out of them as quickly as possible, but I can promise you, God is with you and He will bring you out strengthened and an even more bold a witness of His glory and power in your life.  Keep your eyes on Him.  That might sound difficult in the interim, but at the end of it all, it's all you'll be thankful for.  

I've been praying for you since I read this.  I hope and pray that you will be encouraged by knowing that, because I highly doubt that I'm the only one. :)

I am having SUCH a hard time getting over the pain... I know I'm suppose to give this thing to God, but why is it still hurting like he left yesterday???



It is said that the pain of separation/divorce is comparable to grieving the death of a loved one.  Additionally, it is dealing with the pain of rejection.


Beloved, This is going to be a process of grieving that you must go through, and that's a hard thing to do.

Rest in the truth that you are not rejected, but you are In the Beloved.. You are Blessed, Chosen, Adopted, Accepted, Redeemed, Forgiven and Loved by the most High.  The One True God has named you as His daughter, His child.  I'm so very saddened and heartbroken for you that it hurts as much as it does. 


Have you considered asking about counselling through your church for people who are going through this? 


Speaking face to face with others who are going through it may be very encouraging and helpful to you.


Blessings and Love In Christ,


I'm suppose to meet with a Christian counselor hopefully after Thanksgiving.
Thanku much for that. I feel like I'm crazy for feeling the way I feel, like I'm suppose to just be giving it to God, but that's so much easier said than done. Thanku for being there to talk.

You're certainly not crazy for feeling the way you are feeling..  It's to be expected.  This is a difficult thing.  We're here for you to pray and listen.

Love In Christ, Carla


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