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One of the main things that stands out today is the extreme use of cell phones which now are "smart" phones with more capabilities than just a can surf the net,buy stuff, visit all kinds of sites,keep track of all your business dealings...text......... man...... the leading problem with drivers dying to talk to someone.....see the problem....God see's it in this light......anything you bring inbetween  you and him...and give importance to more than bad...we have let convienience blind us to facts......Thou shalt Love the Lord they God with all your heart,mind, soul and strength...who through the decades, and centuries past stays the same,whos word stays the same....means the same as it did when His own finger wrote it in stone......its time to look at things in a biblical manner.......remember God doesnt just work on sundays...thats another thing saturday is the true sabath.... we have jumpped into a boat that has been floating aimlessly along since the 8th  century...getting diluted gospel no one gets hurt feelings.....then in comes convienience....the modern era.....anything that you put before God is a problem... but this one is just as subtle as the removal of prayer and the 10 commandments from the eyes of school children ... it worked the first time in heres another flood to turn you away from Gods power sought through prayer and supplication....dependance upon his answer...listening for His voice... reading his laws....and getting his word down deep in our souls..till we dont have any room for anything or desire to have anything  else....Im not going to ask you what you think...thats too common I just want you to think.

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I have the bible on my smartphone, I'm typing this response on my smartphone. I can make the same argument about the internet and yet here we are. They are not inherently evil, just depends on what you're using it for.

I totally agree tho I do see Chip's point also. Like you said, it's our responsibility to use it for the glory of God. If it wasn't for the internet, we wouldn't be having this conversation. I couldn't be able to so easily keep in touch with so many that being in Texas I wouldn't be able to keep in touch with as my family is in NC. My aunt is the only one left in our family as far as a solid foundation in Christ & reminds me so much of my mama & I'm allowed to share pictures of us & talk to her when I wouldn't be able to do any of this without the internet other then talk to her over the phone. Many have used the Bible on her as Grazer said where some would never read a word of it. So, it's up to us to how we choose to use this awesome gift of technology. I have been allowed to hear great Christian music without having to buy all the CD's just to hear one song or buy one & find I dislike the whole thing. It's a library at our fingers without having to drive up town & go to the local library & dig & dig for facts. Just google it. hehe. I'm so thankful I was born in such an awesome age.

I agree with Grazer... I think it depends on what we use these things for. I know for a long time I only used internet for reading news and social sites . A few months ago I started thinking to myself that I should feel shame .. shame because even though I wasn't involved with sinful stuff online .. I was spending more time on reading and learning about every thing other than the Lord. So now... Chip your discussion is a reminder that I need to find a sermon to listen too. Thank you. I have  seen name Tozer many times on this site.. I think I will look for his teachings.

God can certainly take all these things (cell phone/smart phone/laptops) and use them for good.

It's a good reminder Chip. These things we are using are simply to be used for God's Glory, not for  our own glory, and not for selfish purposes.. 

I am personally grateful for this website.  It truly is a blessing to connect with siblings In Christ from all over the world.  If I were to give away my laptop I wouldn't be able to do that.


I just got my first smart phone a week ago... I'm kind of just starting to figure it out.  I have pretty limited data capacity, but I like being able to check my emails and not be tied to my laptop.  I deleted my facebook account about 2 months ago.


God First..  Great and important reminder Chip!


Blessings, Carla


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