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This challenge was presented to me this week.

What would you say to a person who is dying quickly (at a car accident for example), and you only have a short time with them.

Would you be prepared to share the gospel with them in 25 words or less?

In your own words, what would you say?

I'm working on it also.  I'll post mine when it's done.

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Very good question, probably most of us haven't given it much thought. and probably we wouldn't try to memorize something to say, it would be your thoughts at the time we encountered a situation like that. I remember some time ago when we hosted a couple of archeologists from Israel after Church for lunch, we took them to a favorite eating establishment. On the way back we came upon a little accident, and the first thing the woman wanted to do was to stop and pray for them, but it was too close to an intersection, and would have hindered the rescue team from getting in, so I kept  driving and getting out of the way. But what I'm getting at is, she was more sensitive to the spiritual need than I was. I would just pray for any that were injured and kept going. So we really don't know what we would do until we were faced with the situation. 

We do need to be more sensitive to the Spirit at all times, we never know when something might happen that we could be of help to someone. 

But a very good question and I will give it more thought and give an answer. Hope to see a lot more activity here

Thanks Carla.


Hmmmm. I'm waiting on you guys' answers & in the meantime hoping I don't have to face this while I wait. lol 

25 words aren't a lot of words.

I've been wondering, would you say something about being separated from God because of the Fall?

I think I would start off with something like" Jesus loves you and died for you so that you could be reconciled to the Father" (16 words already).  

Then the important part "Repent of your sin and believe He did this" (9 words)

That's 25 words, but I'd probably go on to say "and you will be saved from being Eternally separated from Him"

Even then, I've not said anything about Him being resurrected back to life, and we can be assured He is alive and working on our behalf.  Nor have I said anything about how our sin separates us from Him as HE is Holy, and we are not.

Maybe between the 3 of us we can come up with something.


I'm not sure really. I might would ask, "Do you know where you'll go if you don't make it through this?" That's a bit morbid but if they have minutes left, they need to hear truth quickly.

That's good.  I guess it depends on individual situation also... like are they able to respond.

I think that's a great way to initiate the conversation.

I suppose if they can't speak, just maybe pray & ask them to pray along with you in their hearts. 

I know there are some here that won't believe the way I do, but I would think if they were on their death bed, "so to speak" I would first break the spirit of death over them, that they would be conscious enough to hear the Word of God.  {it's what ever the Spirit speaks to you at that time, praying in the spirit does have it's benefits.}

BTW. if you don't believe in the authority of the believer, please don't wake me up.

Sometimes having a spirit of loquacity, is very limiting. lol

Carla, are you sure that shouldn't have been 25 sentences??   

JB, maybe it was..  lol

Thanks Carla, now I feel justified. LOL

A person I know (Sharon) is in hospice. She had a stroke and can barely talk. I saw her this morning, and she started crying. I'm not sure what I did except to say hello. I gave her some pictures I had colored. You know something pretty for her wall. I invited her to Bible study. An aide said Sharon wouldn't want to go, but to everyone's surprise, Sharon said yes. Then an aide asked her if she could read the handout she was given. Sharon surprised us and read part of Psalm 121. She made it through most of Bible study and then took a nap after we sang a hymn. I think that deep inside Sharon loves God and remembers Him.
Do whatever God says to do. Go with what God's spirit tells you to do. You'll have to have knowledge of what the Bible says like Romans 10:9-10. Be prepared to pray and minister. Wherever God has placed you in life, it is your assignment. No one can fill your shoes just like you can. God asks us to do the things that He knows we can handle. 
Philippians 4:13 AMPC
I have strength for all things in Christ Who empowers me [I am ready for anything and equal to anything through Him Who infuses inner strength into me; I am self-sufficient in Christ's sufficiency].
God bless you,

So great to hear from you Mary.  Thank you for your thoughtful response.  God Bless you in your obedience to Him.  

Love in Christ, Carla 

Agreed. Glad to see you Mary.


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