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Ready to switch from blue to white collar jobs,have been upset with Christ and God,trying to reunite.

I am now 43 years old and I am supposed to be working at least another 22 yrs before retirement.Well since I was 16 yrs of age back in the summer of 1991 I have done blue collar work.That hard physical work,lots of standing,lifting,moving things around cleaning and lots of sweating.I am so tired of that,I mean I do work weekends at LA Fitness janitor,but thats still hard physical work. I want a full time white collar job making at least thousands of dollars either weekly,or bi weekly.I want to live in a better neighborhood,better apartment with a washer and dryer,living room,bedroom,kitchen,then I can add computer,cable tv and a maid. I currently stay in an apartment formerly a motel,with just a bathroom and one room with a sink. I am just making $ 200 some every two weeks,and I want to take a vacation havent been out of Florida since arriving a decade ago. To achieve this lifestyle I need a much better paying job,I am aware that white collar jobs pay more.I have prayed to Jesus and God about this,but they havent blessed me yet,I mean I do NOT want to spend another 22 yrs doing some hard physical job in which my strength will decrease as I get older. If Jesus and God cant bless me with a better lifestyle I told them Id trade it all in to be in heaven with them.Tired of this fallen broken world ruined by many people and Satan. Just feel alone,loads of responsibilities,with little to no help. 

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We are made up of 3 parts, Spirit, Soul, and Body, when you understand the significance of each I believe your questions, or your responses will be somewhat different.

My prayer for you, Eph.3:16-23 KJV

If you are interested, I would be happy to explain.



Hi Daniel,

What sort of training/schooling have you done to equip and prepare yourself for the type of job you want?


Hello Carla, Good response, however makes one wonder if they really want help doesn’t it?


Oh yes. Have to be willing to do the hard work.

Hi Daniel, God bless you! I've been thinking about your post for a few days. I went back to night school. I worked full time and then went to school at night. Sometimes for four hours. It was hard. I remember almost falling asleep while driving home. Sometimes I would stop at a restaurant and sit for a few minutes. I'd phone home and let my husband know that I was safe. What is it you enjoy doing? I discovered I enjoy the law and took paralegal classes. It has to be more than just about the money, but I know the money helps. God has given you talents. Search deep inside. What are your strengths, what do you enjoy? Then determine how you are going to get there. There are grants out there. My sister took classes. She's single and well long story. Her husband took everything they had and left her for another woman. My sister was devastated. I can remember praying with her. Gary (my husband) asked what the call was about. To this day I don't know what it was. She was hysterical, and I couldn't understand her words. Only God can calm someone down when they're like that. You are not alone. Other people know what it is to wish for more and to crash and burn.

Anyway, school was very hard. The teachers don't bother to read your papers so much unless your papers say something that is different than what everyone else is saying. If you want something more than a C, you have to learn to not follow the crowd. Be strong and an independent thinker. Make sure your grades are good.

You also have to consider the time involved. The journey is easier when you can see the destination. You have to look at where you want to go and what are you going to do to get there. Also set intermediate goals.

Share all of this with God. You can talk to Him. He knows what you need. Our God isn't a fair-weather God. He's always there with you.

A little humor. I took an environmental law class, four hours at night. I thought it would be interesting, and I need so many credits. Pretty much everyone in the class worked full-time during the day. So we would get to the class, and it was like watching grass grow. One evening the instructor pulled out a video about the tropical rain forest. It had the sound of rain and running water, birds and the wind blowing. When the video was over and turned on the lights, we were all sleeping. LOL

God bless,


.. a small business.. something you like doing.. ? though they say He is more interested in changing us and then...

I have a Daniel LIONS DEN) also
I’ve raised three kids broke alone no school and unemployed.always knowing I could do better they deserve better.but We were thankful for what we had.just be HIS time ..wait on the LORD..See,enjoy the riches of GOD..THEN them BLESSINGS pour in ABOVE ABUNDANT AND BEYOND.and pay your tides ...hahahaha

Gee....Sorry....but.... while I feel for you, I'm thinking that you don't understand the LORD at all.  You seem to bee making the bids....have you read the Bible?  You don't make the rules, it's truly not about you.

I know God is in control but anything is possible with him,a white collar job would be a nice career change,27 yrs of blue collar work is old and tiresome.I am not asking for nothing illegal all legal.Im not going to become an abled bodied beggar,Im not going to sell drugs,rob or steal for these are sinful,but asking for a career change isnt. They know when I will die or Christ returns,life is hard and we are not too symapathetic to each others life stories rather sad and pathetic. Forgive is hard,compassion if more were shown forgiveness which is hard wouldnt be needed.


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