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How has everything unfolded for you?

Have things changed, or are they the same?

How is your connection with other believers?  Are you able to connect?  

Has the internet helped you connect with believers?

I live in Canada.  At the beginning of this pandemic I had been travelling in Italy.  It was a special trip for me because I was travelling with my 21 year old son Logan who planned to travel Europe for many months.  I went to Italy with him for 10 days just to help him get situated and see Rome.  We had a lovely time together.  He stayed in Europe an additional month before receiving word from our government that it was time to return home. He was repatriated on a flight back to Canada at the end of March.  We're grateful that he did get some travel time in before having to return home.

My husband, Craig has been working from home for 5 months now.  His office building is slowly reopening, but he's been able to effectively work from home, so for now we feel it is the best choice for our family, especially as numbers of cases of the virus are beginning to rise since we are slowly reopening.

My youngest son, Josh was working in online school for the 2nd half of the year.  It was fine, he was able to get his work done, but he definitely prefers being in class.  He's in grade 11 now, and also plays baseball.   We were supposed to be travelling to the United States for several tournaments as he was getting some attention from scouts for universities and colleges, but now with the virus he hasn't been able to play.  The borders are closed and we can't travel.  He's starting to lose interest in playing all-together which breaks my heart.

I battled an infection and was hospitalized for a week a couple months ago. Upon being released I was on intravenous antibiotics for 6 weeks while at home.  I've recovered now, and am happy to say all of that is behind me.

In all of this, God is good.  Sometimes we need our lives shaken up a bit.  Sometimes we need to be interrupted.  Sometimes our routine gets set in such a way that we begin to take things for granted.  I'm learning to be grateful for so many things.  It's been a time of change and transition and discomfort, but that's ok.  God never changes.  He is also not opposed to us living in discomfort for a time, especially if it means that we will be shaken up and enlivened to the things that matter.

In all of the struggle and pain and uncertainty, God is good and HE never changes.  If you're not already holding on to HIM with all that you are and all that you have, I pray that you will have a change of heart.  When your life gets interrupted, pay attention.  There is always something that we're missing and that we need to grow in to.  

Be Blessed and know that you are loved.


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For me, I stayed locked down for about 2 months going nowhere. I have a child that is Type 1 Diabetic so I didn't want to take that risk. My husband did all the running. However, as this progresses, I have seen the lies & misconceptions about this Virus & am now somewhat of a rebel. I won't wear a mask unless going to the doctor because they require it. If a store requires it for me to go in, I go to another store. I definitely didn't horde toilet tissue or hand sanitizer. I don't wash my hands any more than I once did. We're fighting the rioters at the moment who could care less about the COVID to begin with. They have definitely put the Virus & even the thoughts of it on the back burner. We had Black Panthers at a store about 3 blocks from my house all day yesterday. So, at the moment, we're just trying to keep low until all the idiots kill off one another. 

I've been hearing a bit about the riots, how terrible.  

I don't understand people saying there are lies and misconceptions about the virus.  People are still dying from it.  I'm not into the conspiracy theories. 

I don't see any harm in wearing a mask simply out of respect for others.  ...don't get me wrong though.. I hate wearing a mask.  

I'm hoping to see my parents for the first time this weekend.

Everyone is definitely tired of it... We're ready to be less 'interrupted'.  I still can't help but wonder if there's something more for us to learn.

Hun, I don't have time to explain it to you but do your research. It's stressful enough around here at the moment with all the violence for me to tell you facts at the moment. Maybe tomorrow when I'm not so anxious.

Hi Tammy,  

Sorry I had to remove the link, they are not allowed.  I'm certain we are all making the best choices for the safety and well-being of our families.  

I remembered that rule after I posted it. You should have saved it & watched it for yourself. It's very interesting. 

When I wrote that reply, we had Black Panthers 2 blocks from my house at a favorite ice cream parlor carrying AK's. My anxiety was at an all-time high. Do you know what Black Panthers are? 

If masks worked, then why 6’?

If 6’ worked, why masks?

If both worked, why the lockdown?

If neither works, we’d all die according to them.


Either masks work or they don’t. If you’re requiring them to stop the spread, then reopen everything. If they don’t work, then the mandates are crap. They need to pick a narrative & stick to it.


When someone pushes for a radical departure from ordinary custom by asking “What harm could it do?” you can be pretty sure he’s made no serious effort to find out. It’s just easier to go along with the crowd - where have we practiced this before? School, peer pressure, drinking, drugs, etc?


Conservatives especially ought to smell trouble when this empty rationale starts popping up & many of us have thus the rebellion in my own country. Pretty much everything can and will go wrong if we all start wearing masks.

Wearing masks prolongs the amount of time the virus stays around by slowing down its infection rate WITHOUT decreasing the number of people who ultimately have to get it before it fades away. One assumption that most mask advocates seem to be making is that after some fixed amount of time, like maybe a few months, voilà, the virus will just disappear regardless of how few people wind up catching it but that simply isn’t so.


Viruses don’t just lose their power to reproduce after a few months and vanish. It isn’t going away till a certain percentage of us have acquired immunity, either thru infection or the advent of a vaccine. The COVID virus will continue to cause problems until the number of infections reaches whatever its threshold for herd immunity or burnout is.

This same misconception with social distancing. It was only ever supposed to slow down the rate of infection, so our hospitals weren’t overrun. Lockdowns were never meant to prevent people from ultimately becoming infected. They were only supposed to make us get sick later rather than sooner.


The same is true for wearing masks. The only reason for healthy young people to engage in either practice is if there’s a danger of running out of medical resources. In the absence of any such danger, all you’re doing is prolonging the amount of time until herd immunity or burnout and, hence, making sure the virus sticks around longer.

Like maybe right up till the November election.

Um, nothing that restricts your breathing during a brutal heatwave is harmless.

A Navy honor guard at Rep. John Lewis’s funeral passed out. Again, our country. One can only imagine the bells & whistles that would have gone off had COVID-19 been the culprit.

But since the virus wasn’t involved, publicizing that a young man in peak physical condition passed out on the concrete while wearing a mask during a seemingly interminable heatwave would have only made everyone wake up and realize what an obviously terrible idea it is. 2 kids died in China who were running track while wearing masks.

Anyone pushing us to wear masks during this heatwave is either depraved or deranged.

Everyone walking around in public wearing surgical masks feeds the fear and panic over a virus that’s less harmful to young and healthy people than the flu and delays our urgently needed return to normalcy.

The establishment media makes it a point to run headlines containing meaningless scary-sounding facts and manipulative stories about those who’ve allegedly succumbed to the virus.

When it’s supposed death tally was climbing, we couldn’t escape hearing about it. As it started to fall, they started ignoring the number of deaths and shifted over to reporting about rising cases, also neglecting to mention that rising cases and falling deaths is a good thing.

The media has done nothing to make the public aware that a local CBS affiliate looked into 589 alleged Palm Beach fatalities and discovered that far less than a third (169) had actually died of the virus. LIE!!

Nor have they reported that the COVID-19 death tally they terrorized the nation with for months includes motor-cycle fatalities and gunshot victims. I saw 2 doctors on TV for myself, Fauci & Birx, say out of her own mouths that all the deaths they have had since COVID hit our country are counted as COVID deaths. Didn’t matter if they had been run over by a car, it was counted as COVID. This was the official policy. LIES!!!

The COVID virus is no more dangerous to young and healthy people than the flue & is likely even less so.

Data released by the Texas Department of Health a couple of weeks ago shows that COVID-19 is less lethal, regardless of age, than the flu was just two seasons back.

It’s the panic that’s crushing all the life out of America, not the virus. And by acquiescing to the demand that we irrationally wear surgical masks in public, we’re only causing more misery and death and further delaying our return to any semblance of normal life.

Masks create a barrier between people, and nobody knows what the effect will be on levels of violence, depression, and other social pathologies if everyone starts wearing one.

Again, conservatives shouldn’t have to be told this.

The idea that depriving every one of the abilities to see anyone else’s face couldn’t possibly have any negative consequences is preposterous. Conservatives are supposed to understand the paramount importance of intellectual humility about the way seemingly unimportant features of our everyday life may very well turn out to be the glue that’s holding everything together.

You should never let anyone bully you into behaving irrationally. Especially the state.

As Theodore Dalrymple observed:

“Political correctness is communist propaganda writ small. In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. One’s standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to.”


Please consider who’s insisting that you do.


Yes, death is always unfortunate but it’s part of life. Jesus didn’t run & hide from the lepers. He went into the midst of them. He is our example though I personally wouldn’t run in the midst of lepers – Sorry Lord but I’m also not Jesus. Lol. At which point do we stop putting our lives on hold, stop socializing, stop going to church – though we’ve had it for 3 months, stop going to loved one’s funerals, stop being allowed into the hospital with a loved one who has broken a bone when the hospital is supposed to be the most sterile place around, stop seeing our grandchildren, just stop life altogether?


1.35 Million people die every year in car accidents. Does that mean we take away cars?


1.5 million people died from TB in 2018. It is one of the top ten causes of death & the leading cause from a single infectious agent. 10 million people fell ill with it worldwide. No one locked themselves away for this. Businesses didn’t shut down.


Up to 650,000 deaths annually are associated with respiratory diseases from seasonal influenza.

Pneumonia is the leading cause of death in children and in the elderly. Each year almost 700,000 children die from pneumonia. Every minute, 2 children die from pneumonia. 80 percent of deaths are in children under 2 years.

Alcohol is a leading risk factor for death and disease worldwide and is associated with nearly one in 10 deaths in people aged 15-49 years old, according to a Global Burden of Disease study. Why don’t they stop selling it?


If you have COVID, you have a 94% chance of surviving.



Tammy, I don't even know where to begin in my response.  All I can say is, if you have these numbers and information floating around your head, it's no wonder you have anxiety.

Jesus says "Cast all your cares on me, for I care for you"

Just as when we drive, we steer in the direction we are looking, when we look at the problem more than we look at God our anxieties rise beyond anything God has ever intended for us.  Keep your eyes on Jesus.  Look at what HE's doing instead of everything else.

In the midst of all of this Beloved, let's not forget who we are, and WHO's we are.  

Blessings, Carla

He also says that He doesn't give us a spirit of fear. So, through all of this, I'm looking up & He says Trust Me Child. So, I choose to trust Him. If He chooses for me to die, so be it. I give Him the glory. I respect others who choose to wear the masks & maintain a distance however if someone doesn't wear one & comes & hugs me, I don't run. I hug them back. We're still all lovey dovey at  my church. There are a few that wear masks & we respect them & wave at them. lol I need forget who I am & Who I belong to - Thus my decision to not fear nor be lead by the nose by a bunch of political figures who don't know their butts from a hole in the ground. The very doctor that tells us to wear masks sits at a ball game without one. Hypocrisy at its best.

I'm sure your country is different than ours. Here, they are saying churches can't gather at this time BUT if you want to protest in the streets, that's OK. How does that even make sense? Lately though, I'm trying to keep my focus on my Savior & stop looking around at all the negative going on around me. That's the only way we as Christians will continue to grow & be a light among all of this darkness. For the longest time it was all about politics for me. Then lately the violence had me off the chain. Finally, I heard the Lord tell me Look Up, Not around you. He's got the situation controlled as He planned. If my eyes are always focused on Him, what goes on around me makes no difference. My anxiety has fallen a lot since.

It's a process for all of us.  My little brother (also a Christ follower) says "We're all being squeezed and a lot of stuff is coming out".  So true. There are times for all of us when we need to be reminded to look up.

I'm happy to hear your anxiety has fallen a lot.  The Lord will give us His peace, true peace.

Human life is certainly fragile.  If there's anything I've been reminded of in all of us, it's just how fragile and broken we truly are, and how we can be manipulated and controlled by media so easily.  The remedy is to keep praying and looking UP. 

Blessings, Carla

Love the vaccinations....

 COV19-AI = Certification of Vaccination.  AI is the letter 1 in the alphabet and I is the 9th letter of the alphabet.  AI = Artificial Intelligence.

Such a bunch of bologna....keep letting them control you....

Not much changed in my home. My husband and son are essential workers and have been working the whole time. Things changed for them at work such as being required to wear masks. I have continued caring for my grandkids through it, too, since their parents are both essential workers. Things are different when we go out regarding social distancing and so forth. This is the first time in history that I think everyone’s lifestyle in the world has been asked to change regarding their social behavior. I feel sure it is the first time here in America anyway and the sole goal is to ‘flatten the curve’ at all costs! It’s been very costly, too, not just speaking financially but emotionally and spiritually and mentally and in every way. I participate in church services through Facebook live. My husband says we will return to meeting together when the ‘mask thing’ stops. I just keep praying for our country and hoping this COVID-19 goes away! 

Hi Amanda,

It sounds like what is going on here in Ontario Canada.  We're wearing masks when we go indoors in public places.  We need to 'flatten the curve' etc....  

My heart especially goes out to people who are not living in safe places.  Levels of many forms of abuse have risen dramatically due to quarantine.  Something needs to be done to protect people who are vulnerable.  I don't know what that looks like because it's nearly impossible to identify those who are vulnerable and in those dangerous situations unless they come forward.  We know though that people mostly in those situations are often being manipulated, threatened and controlled.    I'm with you 100%, I think we all are... we just want this COVID-19 to go away.  The answer is always prayer.  God is bigger than all of this.


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