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Does a scar on the right hand caused by hitting glass related to the mark of the beast in any way?

My friend punched a glass shed window about 5 years ago out of anger after somebody egged his Brother's car. he didn't intend to hit the window. 

Now around 5 years later he still has the scar which seems to be just as visible, he has prayed to Jesus to remove the scar but it hasn't healed yet. it is just short of an inch long on his right hand between his thumb and first finger 

He has an interest in reading up on and learning about Revelation's and the mark of the beast in which the Antichrist will causes many people to receive a mark in the right hand or forehead so that none can buy or sell unless they had the mark which is 666. 

He is scared that Jesus may forget that his scar on his right hand is caused by him punching his hand through glass and that Jesus might forget and think is is something else. 

he just want's to know if his scar on his right hand caused by breaking glass compares in any way to Revelation's MOTB? 

God Bless


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No. It doesn't compare. Jesus won't forget. No worries there, at all.

I'm just scared one day he may look at my right hand and forget that the scar was caused by me punching a glass window and that he may forget and think it something else.

He does forget sins 

God Bless

Yes, He forgets the sin, but He is all knowing and all seeing, at the same time. Quite a paradox, huh? He forgets the sin, meaning He won't require you to atone for that sin. The scars in His own hands atoned for it. The scars in His hands are there, not as the consequence for something wrong which He did. He was innocent and without sin. While God removes the sin from us, cleansing us of it, God doesn't always choose to remove the natural consequences we experience from sinning.
PS Those who receive the MOTB, when the time comes, will know exactly what they are doing and will do it willfully, not impulsively without thinking. They will be "caused" to do it, which will require some thinking on their part to go through with it, IMO, as we always have a choice when faced with being forced to do something, whether we realize it or not. Not doing it might mean physical death, but it's still a choice.

Agree Amanda

When someone accidentally does something to harm you, they will ask your forgiveness and be concerned they caused you pain.  Typically we tell them:  "It was just an accident, forget about it."  Of course it's impossible to completely forget it.  It happened, it's in your mind.  But when we say "forget about it" we're saying you're forgiven, I'm not holding it against you. 

This is what God is saying.  He forgives and forgets.  He's not storing it up to come back and you later and say I've never forgotten what you did so you got yours coming.

Yes. It's like someone being indebted to you and you telling the person that you're just going to forget what he/she owes you. You let them off the hook and just take the loss.

The Mark of the Beast is something entirely different.  It is a willful turning away from God and rejecting God completely.  You don't have anything to worry about with this.  If this is the source of your distress then I urge you to let your heart and mind be at ease.

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