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I seen this today 

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If this is intended to be supportive of the gay agenda we can conclude two things. 1) Father God and Joseph were not in a marriage relationship that included physical intimacy, and Father God brought Jesus to a husband and wife (Mary) to be raised. 2) If this is supposed to be a support of two dads being a positive thing then we must ask, if we were to consider the point being made as valid for supporting two dads, where is the equal evidence that two mothers work as well???

My thinking is that it was saying that 2 dads raised Him & He turned out OK. To me, the 2 dads represent a gay couple - possibly married - raising a child saying the child will be OK. 

That is probably their point based on that particular denominations stance on gay marriage.


yes that is how i took it too. my first thought was " they were not married to each other" and He had a mother and a dad .

I felt they were trying to say it was OK which is so sad for a 'church' to attempt to justify.

This seems to me to simply be a very lame attempt from a member of the ecumenical church to undermine the true church.

I am not saying that this denomination is intentionally trying to undermine the true church, simply that they are allowing themselves to be used for that purpose by our true enemy.  A gesture toward political correctness which seems to be like a cancer spreading through this country.   I simply mean that by this statement they are being used to try to comfort people in their sin and try to give them a false and dangerous sense of security that may be undermining the Holy Spirit's attempts to convict them of their sin and lead them to repentance and victory that is in Jesus.   Again, I do not believe that there is a malicious intent by this denomination by the potential for disaster is definitely there.                                                       that is just my take on it.  May God protect people from being from the dangerous potential of this philosophy.


I don't know much about various denominations but that sounds a lot like a Catholic church. If that's the case, we shouldn't be shocked.

I emailed with a Baptist minister last week on some of his study questions. Here's one of the questions:

4. Roman Catholics and evangelicals differ over the doctrine of justification by faith alone. Is this doctrine essential to the gospel? Is it significant enough to divide over?

My response: Scripture definitely says we are justified by faith in Christ alone and that no one comes to the Lord except through Him. We're also told not to fellowship with unbelievers and watch out for false prophets and preach the Gospel, but always in love. Jesus also let us know He came to bring division. Division to those who believe in Him and those who don't? So as far as I understand it, it's significant enough. We're to be brought to unity of the in Christ? So can we be unified with those who don't believe Christ only justifies us by faith?

His response: With regard to question 4, you are absolutely right that being justified by faith alone is essential to the gospel and that we cannot fellowship with those who deny this. There is a strong movement among evangelicals to set aside this as a "divisive" doctrine and to join with Catholics as if we're all Christians. But if they think that we're saved by adding our works to faith in Christ's substitutionary death, then they're committing the error that Paul strongly condemns in Galatians. We cannot work together in the gospel with those who deny the essentials of the gospel.

Well.....the propaganda is surely there written on the sign.  The trouble I have with these things is we are to reach all peoples of every nation with the Gospel of Christ.  They have succumbed to pandering to only one group as their sign implores.  "Easy Believism"?  I'm not sure what their intent I am reluctant to respond, BUT, it is diminishing the great and superior Gospel by watering down what God has said.  We cannot keep using these ploys to get people into church, Jesus never watered it down....  Two roads only.  The power of the Gospel is MIGHTY.  

Hebrews 4:12 - For the word of God is living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword, and piercing as far as the division of soul and spirit, of both joints and marrow, and able to judge the thoughts and intentions of the heart.

I completely agree with your take on the sign, Tammy.....

God has given us the gift of discernment and in my eyes, it's quite obvious what they're representing.  God has never lowered His standards, not for anyone.  

I'm a believer in Truth. This is why the church, at least here in the USA is no longer relevant or making a change, it's because we have started to sugarcoat the Gospel and stop being adamant about what God has said.  We use sugary words, soft sentiments, and emotionalism to express the Gospel in terms that even I.....don't recognize anymore.  It's depressing to see those in the church continuously flip flop like a fish on the beach without air.  

Matthew 7:14 - Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

It really is depressing. I've been working on a study called 'worship'. It's forever long or I would have already posted it. I keep editing it. lol. I'll post that thing one day. lol


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