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When you take a minute, and think about all the problems you have, and your family, and friends have, and then think about all the problems people all over the world has. You might ask yourself how can I help them all the most? And there is a answer to that very good question. And that answer is to pray for them. Every child of God knows that when we pray to are heavenly father he hears are prayers. And will hear us from heaven, and heal are land. The Bible even tells us to pray for are leaders. I have heard from some people, and they always ask, Marshall what can I do to help? My answer is always the same please pray. That is What I tell every one. Just keep building your faith by staying in the word of God, and praying, and the Bible tells us we can move mountains. So if we can move mountains with are Faith by praying. We can do all things that is within the will of God. The bible tells us we can do all things throw Christ that strengthens us. Even pray them right into the wonderful salvation that God offers us all. This is so great to know that God will drawl all people to him. If we would only pray, and ask him to.





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Comment by Tammy on September 13, 2013 at 9:52am

What is so bad is that prayer is a 2nd thought. For instance, we try to help with money, efforts, energy & then decide to pray. When others ask for money from other countries I always tell them I can pray for them. It's sad that we put prayer on the back burner when it's the most special gift we could give anyone. 

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