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Mark your territory.

By Lewis K. Kinyae

When i was young, my Grand mother gave me stories of how they used to keep lions away at night. After daily activities, the night would arrive and may be when in other parts of the country people were comfortably asleep, in this eastern side of Kenya it would mean the beginning of another task, keeping the lions from attacking the flocks at any hour of the night. This was done by lighting fire under this mango tree i have known since my childhood and they would play drums in shifts. The sound of the drums and the presence of light would make the enemy understand clearly that this territory is occupied or marked should i say.


Relating this story to our Christian life today, and why Christians need to mark their territories, from our homes to our work places to our social life. We are living in tough days (Daniel 12: 9-10)  and brothers and sisters we really need to put on the full armor of God. (Eph 6: 10-19)

The purpose of prayer needs to be emphasized. Have you ever asked yourselves why Jesus prayed often? Why He so much meditated on the Kingdom of God? Jesus knew about the enemy and He had to make the enemy understand that He was the savior of lost lives and that the forces of darkness could do nothing about it. Jesus had to complete His mission which was about the Fathers will that He dies for our sins (John 6:38) (John 17 and 18:11)

For this mission to be complete, Jesus had to pray day and night.


Note that Jesus questioned His Disciples of their sleep (Mark 14: 32- 41). When the disciples ought to mark and guard there territory Jesus was clearly telling His disciples to stay up and keep watch. Mark your territory and keep the enemy away, and that reminds me when the spirit of God wakes you up in the middle of the night to pray, please don’t resist. Understand these are the darker days.

Let us not get conformed to the world ( Rom 12:1-2). At my young age , being advised on how to cross a river, the law was never look at the fast flowing water, simply if you do you will be swept away. So you had to stay focused at your destination to avoid distraction which would lead to the water sweeping you away to your death or injure you.

The same applies to our Christian life, let us not put our eyes on the world which is speeding away, stay focused on Gods kingdom and Doing Gods will.


Brethren, the enemy needs to know the territory is occupied day and night, from  Monday to Sunday. Ask for Jesus to hold your hand and walk with you. Let us cover ourselves, families, children , our friends with the blood of Christ, thus we be secure. Ask for God to give you spiritual strength and guide you in His path of righteousness. ( Matt 7:7- 8)

So when the enemy comes, the spirit of God will raise the standards against the enemy (Isaiah 59:19)

The victory is assured to all those who abide in Gods command, the enemy will try to distract you just like he tried this trick on Jesus. Jesus won the battle for us, so let us shout in joy and claim victory in His name.

At every captured territory, raise a flag clearly indicating Jesus is Lord, like they do it in war. You would know a marked territory by the flag raised in the area. Finally brethren, let us pray for one another. Pray for the needs of each one from the sick to poor, orphans to widows and to those being persecuted for the word. God be with you

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Comment by April on September 11, 2013 at 12:25pm

Thank you for this. I have been waking up in the middle of the night and didn't know why but now I do. God Bless!

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