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 I work in a sometimes hostile environment. A place where you make good money that comes with a price. Working 12 hour shifts where you rotate days and nights can wreck havoc on your system and sleep pattern. There are days where I will be up 30 hours straight. My marriage was pretty rocky before I had God in my life. Once I was born again and I put all of who I am into the Lords hands the better my life has become. I never asked Him for things. I just asked for wisdom on how to deal with certain situations. I never, ever put pity upon myself out of fear that it would do a disservice to Him. I never asked for my faith and that is why I am so grateful and humble. Yes I am only human and there are moments where satan rears his ugly head. Thats when I talk to God for guidance. He will point me towards the good things in my life. But He doesn't do all the work. I know how misery loves company, well I don't want anything to do with that. When I am feeling down, over tired, cranky, sad, I will search for God's sign. The more I search the better my mood becomes. I take myself out of my mood and focus it on Jesus and what He has done for us. Makes my little problem seem pretty foolish. I'll go for a walk and look at all the beauty that God has created. I let the warmth of the sun on my face penetrate the soul that God created. It feels like a warm hug. And as the tears fall down my face I look up above and say, "thank you Lord!! You are all I ever need!!

 Once you surrender to God the transformation is so hard to explain. You stop feeling sorry for yourself. You forget about the sins of your past and never dwell on them. God wants nothing to do with misery. He cannot help people that constantly allow their past sins run their lives. Thinking constantly about all the bad in this world that is not ours only furthers us away from finding God's love.

 At work I hear the same things everyday. "I am tired, my job sucks, my husband is a loser, my wife is a nag, the teachers don't know how to teach my kids, etc., etc.,.

 I used to go to work in a really good mood, only to get sucked into petty little problems that are a result of living a sinful, non-believing life. I prayed to God to give me the wisdom to block out all the pity partys that I face. He told me, "do what you always do. Come to Me, I am always there for you." So that is what I do, and I humbly thank Him like I always do.

 And that my friends is what God can do for you!! Wipe the slate clean and focus on the future. The Lord should always be the center of every thought process. By allowing that, satan is powerless. God wants your everything. It is the only way that He can fight off the sin of satan that rules earth.

 Surrender to God, and make Him your focus. He is all you ever need!!

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Comment by Todd Robert Princl on August 13, 2013 at 2:45pm

 Spoken by an indivisual who has the Holy Spirit inside of them. Thank you Michelle your insight!!

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