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 I was reading the book of Revelations (applications bible) came aceoss a part explaining how enthusiastic one is in the beginning of their faith. I remember this quite well. And then came the lulls because I didn't know how to pursue. I often got scared because I thought I lost that zest for pursuing God's message. I found out that the pursuit of knowledge will result in the outcome of enthusiasm. I don't remember ever praying to God to never make my journey boring. I do know that during those lulls the thought had crossed my mind. Since then I can count on one hand with fingers left over the times when a lull occured. It amazes me how God is never boring. Once you have the Holy Spirit inside of you so many things that happen during a day have the stamp of Jesus on it. He walks amongst us and is always protecting and teaching us.

 I may not retain a lot of the knowledge, but my pursuit cannot be denyed!!

 I started out reading inspirational books that associated with God's message. They were easy to read and gave me many visions. Many people told me that I needed to read the bible. I struggled mightily and would go back to the books that I could understand. For some reason I knew I would work my way up to the bible. God knew I was not ready for it when I started out with my faith. Now it is all I read. What I couldn't understand before is now clear.

 God gave me the best approach leading towards it. What I have also learned from all of this is how I approach the non-believers. I make it as real as possible. Not to go over their head, but never swaying from the truth. I talk about my trials, how empty my life was even though I had much. How God fulfilled that empty void that was inside of me.

  So, do you have knowledge with enthusiasm? Because both are neccesary in keeping love for the Lord intense. Ones love for God must always be a constant. Because His love for you is always a constant!!!

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Comment by Todd Robert Princl on August 9, 2013 at 2:02pm

I know, I know, once the kids are off to school i will continue writing again. Been in the Bible reading mode lately and working on planting the seed in non-believers. Trust me after my batterys are recharged I will continue.

Comment by Seek on August 9, 2013 at 6:31am

Well I had enthusiasm once when this guy was talking about his amazing journey and promised to continue it.  But that was four months ago and so my enthusiasm that he won't leave me hanging is starting to wain.  LOL

Comment by Todd Robert Princl on August 8, 2013 at 3:04pm

It is a study bible that explains the verses. Was told by many that the New International Version is the best out there. Thanks for feeling what I was going through. This was while going through the beginning part of Revelations. And yes it is a very deep part of the Bible, but the explanation really helps. Reading about the 7 churches now.

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