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Today I went to rehab nursing home where mom is and I saw her but before that the Hospice people told me that mom is in her last days near dying.I saw mom she awoke some looked at me moved around in bed some but didnt say anything.I held her hands and spent nearly two hrs in room with her.Saying its me your son Daniel, I love and care about you.I only wanted the best for you and etc.Chaplan prayed with Hospice for mom and myself in her room.I saw my counselor hrs later she was supportive. A big challenge I tried to stop her from smoking, get her involved in programs .But it has come to this, as an only child, not close to her family and my dad is not in the equation. January 11ths her birthday and Mothers Day are going to be rough for me.Shes 64 for 8 yrs I wanted to see her improve for better for 23 yrs I tried to get her to stop smoking.Shes 64 and smoked since 14 thats 50 yrs longer than my existence.Im 41 3 months shy of 42, Im 22 yrs younger than her overall looks like 23 thats because her birthday is early while mines late.Point his tough pill to swallow indeed.

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Comment by Daniel Bryan Curry on September 14, 2016 at 5:29am
Baptist she believes in God yet cussed alot and stuff, hopefully God overlooks her cussing him out in past which god can he is forgiving. While Im both Baptist, Christian
Comment by Tammy on September 13, 2016 at 9:26pm

Is she a Christian?

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