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Dear friends

God has once again brought us this far. Indeed He is good all the times (Deuteronomy 32 verse 4, Daniel 9 verse 14, Matthew 19 verses 16,17, Psalm 136, John 3 verse 16). He is good even if He had not brought us this far. Goodness is the nature of God. This year He loaded us with a lot of benefits continually.


Just consider how successful we are. Consider how you gave this year to those who did not have. Success is not getting and keeping like the Dead Sea, but getting and release. Just imagine to what extent our Heavenly Father gives. He has been giving from an indefinite past to eternity future. So when we give we are acting like our Father, who is the greatest giver in the whole universe ( John 3 verse 27 and James 1 verse 17).


Next year you will literally swim in the anointment (presence and power) of the Holy Spirit and you will abound in good works. You will know victories you have never scored in your life (Romans 8 verse 14, Acts 1 verse 8, chapter 2 verses 1-4, Joel 2 verses 25-29). The invisible (holy angels) will stand with you and make sure that God's purposes for your life only succeed (Psalm 91 verses 9-12, Matthew 4 verse11, Luke 22 verses 39-44 and Hebrews 1 verse 14). Your path will be upwards only and NEVER downwards, because you have chosen the Lord Jesus Christ (the one sitting on the highest throne in the whole universe) to be your Lord and Savior.


Next year you will make high quality decisions only and will enter into the realm of abundance in which there is no lack. The Spirit of God will cause you to be fruitful in your business activities and in your endeavours. You will possess the gates of your enemies, and the ends of the world will perceive the impact of God's grace upon your life (Genesis 22 verses 11-18 and chapter 26 verses 1-4).


In 2011 you will have more than enough for your needs so that you can share with those who are lacking. satan and his demons and agents are in serious trouble because their deception will not work on you. You will be growing always in the knowledge of God's word, and your wisdom shall greatly increase (Proverbs 3 verses 1-26).


The people of the world and other fellow believers will see the glory of God operating in your life and will call you blessed (Mathew 5 verses 6, 8, 13-16). You shall be sought after in many places because the wisdom of God which works as a spirit of excellence will grow and abound in your life (Daniel 1 verse 17-21). Various people will seek your advice and help on many matters, and they will always get more than what they imagined they would get from you, because you are connected to God Himself the Ultimate Source of the entire universe (Deuteronomy 28 verses 9-13).


You will flow in all the more than nine gifts of the Holy Ghost, and God will use you as your channel of blessing! As we enter 2011 the Holy Spirit will burn and cause to be extinct various types of sicknesses, including HIV-AIDS, cancer, diabetes, paralysis, various blood flow disorders, skin irritations/diseases, sleeping disorders (like sleep-talking, insomnia and nightmares), hysteria, insanity, schitzophrenia, various spinal and central nervous system conditions, hypertension, high blood pressure, eating disorders, sexual disorders such as lustful desires and inordinate  uncontrollable desire for sexual activity, all sexually transmitted infections and diseases/conditions, depression, mood disorders, being irritable without any cause, athritis, piles, liver sicknesses, heart disorder, prayerlessness, fear of fasting, fear of darkness, fear of heights, fear of demons/invisible beings, negative spiritual sensitivities, demonic possession, demonic obsession, demonic oppression and hopelessness. If you do not have any the listed illnesses God will begin to use you in the ministry of healing and divine miracles, and people will know that the Lord Jesus Christ is indeed the Healer, and that He is the same yesterday, today and forever (Isaiah 53 verse 4, 5, Matthew 8 verses 16, 17, and Hebrews 13 verse 8).


The gory and unpalatable details of your past are themselves a thing of the past (Isaiah 43 verses 15-21). You will think you are dreaming when you see God doing a new and perfect work in your life. Your financial debts which have kept you in bondage for so long will be miraculously cancelled, and you will be a net lender not a borrower. In the final analysis you will give and lend to many people-groups but you will borrow from none (Deuteronomy 8 verse 18 and chapter 28 verses 1-14).


You will believe God for the impossible and receive the incredible from the Father of shining lights, with whom there is no shifting like shadows (Mark 9 verse 23, Matthew 10 verse 27 and James 1 verse 17).


Please meditate on the above confessions and they will soon overtake your lives (Proverbs 4 and 23 verse 7). 


Thank you for being my brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ. Stay blessed.


Your brother in Christ's service,


Ian Ndlovu


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