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Is Michael the Archangel the same as our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ?

I ask the question: Is Michael the Archangel the same as the Lord Jesus Christ?

I ask the question because of three reasons.

  1. Michael the archangel has a very unique name, the name Michael is actually a question: "Who is like God?". This Michael in Daniel chapter 12 is said to be the prince who stands guard over the children of Israel (that is, the Jews both past and present). In Daniel 9 verse 13 Michael is said to be one of the chief princes in the celestial kingdom of God, and He fights for the predominance of God's purposes. The term archangel in the Bible is never used in plural.
  2. Michael the archangel is said to have angels at his command that he fights with (Revelations 12 verses 7-9), our Lord Jesus Christ in Revelation 19 verses 11-16 is seen leading or commanding the heavenly armies to destroy the physical/human manifestation of satan's kingdom on earth epitomised in the Anti-Christ.
  3. The term angel in the Bible may mean both a celestial being of a specific class, or a messenger of God (either human or spirit). The pastors of the seven churches of Asia minor in Revelation 1 verse 20, chapter 2 and 3 are called angels because of their special duty before God of leading the seven churches. {Please note that in the Bible, from Genesis to 3 John you will never read of a human being who was given revelation by God to unveil it to angel(s)/spirit beings, yet John the Apostle was given revelationship by the Lord Jesus Christ, through an angel (Revelation 1verse1) to reveal to seven angels (evidently pastors/God's human angels or messengers on earth}.

The Lord Jesus Christ, though God, was sent of God the Father, to carry out a mission of redeeming us from our sins and iniquities, and to announce the impending Kingdom of God (Daniel 2 verse 44 and Matthew 4 verse 17). Thus, from a Greek semantic viewpoint, our Lord Jesus was angelos with a special assignment from God the Father, to announce the impending Kingdom of God of which He is the KING of kings, and LORD of Lords (the other kings and Lords being us the believers who have been saved by the blood of Jesus Christ and are preserved by the incorruptible seed of the word of God, and the perfecting and sanctifying ministry of the precious Holy Spirit).

So back to my question: Is Michael the Archangel the same as our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ?

I do not have all the answers, I await your response my brothers and sisters in Christ.

God bless all of you, and may the words and the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ preserve you blameless to the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ, when we shall be transformed to His likeness (1 John 3 verses 1-3)!

Your brother in Christ's service,

Ian Ndlovu

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Comment by Leonard T on December 10, 2010 at 2:42pm

The answer is "no" and is plainly seen in Revelation 12:

REV 12:7
And there was war in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought back.

REV 12:17
Then the dragon was enraged at the woman and went off to make war against the rest of her offspring--those who obey God's commandments and hold to the testimony of Jesus.


We also see the following from the Book of Jude:

JUDE 1:9 But even the archangel Michael, when he was disputing with the devil about the body of Moses, did not dare to bring a slanderous accusation against him, but said, "The Lord rebuke you!"

Lord Bless.
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