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Journeyman's Blog – April 2011 Archive (2)

Who I Love. Why I love. What I love.

Who I love, why I love, what I love.                                

I love God.

I love Jesus.

I love The Holy Spirit.

I love my wife.

I love my daughter.

I love each one of my Grandchildren.

I love my Mom. I love my Mother-in-law

I love my Sister.  I now have thousands!

I love my Brother. I now have thousands!

I love my nieces and nephews.

I love…


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It's time to talk. Time to Choose.

      Part 1

Today is cloudy. I have struggled so long with journaling. The cloudy day sort of reflects how I feel about a journal. For over five years I have struggled with health issues. I used to run. Sometimes 5 or 10 miles. I used to lift weights and do aerobic excercise classes. I was a picture of health I guess. However, that would all end and actually that was just the beginning.

I suffered a "mini-stroke" or a TIA one weekend while at home. From that point on my health…


Added by journeyman on April 12, 2011 at 10:53am — 2 Comments

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