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You stop Flowing when you stop Pouring...



Been away for a while for good reasons. I haven't stopped writing.

Nature teaches us a lot about the ways and acts of God as it pertains to His dealings with man and one of such is what I will share briefly with us today. 

You see,…


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Things to Pen down from Peninnah

The story of Hannah in the bible is one we are all familiar with. Hannah was married to a very devoted husband, who was a polygamist and in spite of having children from one wife and no child at all from the other, did not mistreat the barren wife for that…


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Esther: A Star not without a Scar

The story of Esther is a bestseller and one of the most interesting…


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Who's Speaking at the Palace for You?


I recently had the opportunity of speaking on behalf of an employee of a company I consult for , who was at the verge of being sacked. Unknown to him, his termination was being discussed. He apparently had his many strength,but unfortunately he also had a weakness…


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Don't Jettison the Lessons of your Seasons!

Hi Friends!


How have you all being? I apologize I haven’t been here in a while, it just occurred that I didn't even write any article for the month of March. So much to do, work wise but I kept noting the inspirations I got and I would be publishing them in the next few days/weeks.…


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You are Special.....Especially You!

I know!


Yes I know it's been a while I've published a post but I'm back and it feels good. I have been quite inundated with a couple of projects here and there and I am so excited to be able to sit and blog today. I miss writing and I miss the regular feedback I get from readers. A big thank you to those who are my fans and those who have kept checking back and again for…


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Something to Glean from The Queen-Sheba

Here’s wishing everyone a happy New Year!…


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The Scenery Behind the Scenes

Hello Friends!


This is definitely going to be my last post for year 2013. Since I started blogging on this site, I have been so overwhelmed by the amount of response and feedback I have received. They have kept me going…


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Let's Delve into "Twelve" in the Scriptures

The twelfth month is usually a time of thanksgiving, celebration, giving of gifts and it connotes the end of a year.  It’s a good time to look back and appreciate what God has done in the outgoing year and look forward to endless possibilities in the New Year. All over the world, Christmas…


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Martha's Hands, Mary's Mind

Seven billion people on earth, diverse races, different faces, yet God has made everybody unique with our different tendencies, personality and character and you know what? He loves every single one of us just as we are!


I love to do a study of characters in…


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Inspiring things I see in Isaac.....

Hello everyone!


As the year wraps up, it’s a good time to reflect on what God has done for us in the course of the year. A faithful God He is! You might not be where you want to be, be rest assured that with God in the equation, you are doing just fine... Be grateful!



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A Good Name is An Ever Blazing Flame

George Washington (1732-1799)

Wolfgang A. Mozart (1756-1791)

Abraham Lincoln…


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Your Dream will Stream Live

Have you ever had a dream that came to pass just as you had it? Has something ever happened to you and you realize how things played out just as you had seen it in a dream? Countless number of times, I've had such experiences and I am…


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The Butler, The Baker and their Bounty; (One's Boom, the Other's Doom)


Two men, two dreams, two interpretations and two destinies….


I have been studying the life of Joseph for a while and the story of two men he had an encounter with in his sojourn in prison has been on my study radar. Both of them were key employees of King Pharaoh of Egypt and for whatever reasons, they both committed an offence that landed them in prison. The King was upset with them and in…


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Need a Raise? Get your Praise on

Hello Beautiful Friends!

It’s a time when many people start to review their achievements so far for the year. More often than not, a lot of us feel that we have not fared so well ,but the lyrics of a popular hymnal admonishes us to– “count your blessings, name them one by one  and it will surprise you what the Lord has done”. There are many blessings we overlook, because…


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Could it be a Divine Disruption?

She was a young lady, full of expectations and lofty dreams about how her future as the wife of handsome and enterprising Joseph was going to be. He was a dude almost every lady in town would like to have, oh yeah, it was going to be heaven on earth. She was going to have 4 kids; 2 boys and girls and…


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A Command of Peace to the Waves

In Mark 4:35-39, Jesus and the disciples were going to the other side of town. They decided to take Jesus along with them in their own boat and the bible recorded that other (little) boats followed them. Then violent storms arose; almost drowning the boat until Jesus stilled the waves. Needless to say the disciples were terrified. 

We do not have records…


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Just One Encounter...

The Samaritan Woman Jesus met at the well, went to draw water at around noon time. She was so conscious of her past, her lifestyle that she didn't go at rush hour in order to avoid gossip and interaction with other women and for fear of how people will perceive her.

When She met with Jesus and He told her about her life and the living waters, She…


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A Thicket or A Ticket for Destiny?

The story of Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice Isaac his beloved son of promise, would always be an astonishing best-seller. We all know that for that remarkable act of obedience by Abraham, God made an everlasting covenant with him and swore to bless him irreversibly. Many times, we have celebrated Abraham’s bold act, his faith in God and…


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I am R.U.D.E ( No apologies)

It’s a known fact that every human being is a unique combination of genes and every genetic combination is one of a kind. There can never be the same genetic combination for two (2) people even if they are born from the same womb and same time.It’s amazing to know that for everyone God created, He knew them even before they existed in the human realm. I studied God's discussion with Jeremiah…


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