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Is online dating really safe and acceptable for Christians?

Many people are apprehensive at first about online dating. This is a normal reaction because it is fear of the unknown.

However, online dating is popular and more accepted in today's society.
In this fast moving society, many people have less time to socialize with others. More people are working harder and longer hours, trying to make ends meet. Thanks to new technologies, online single dating is fast becoming a common means of meeting people.

Do people really lie on online dating sites?
Most people are honest. Unfortunately, not everyone is truthful about the information they will give you. Sometimes people lie out of fear of being rejected.

This type of person may lie about his weight, looks or other physical features. This has to do more with insecurities, in which we all suffer from at one time or another.

Others may not tell the truth because they do not want something to be uncovered in their life. These people may lie about their job, occupation, income or whether they are seeing someone else.

Still, some may not be truthful because they are habitual liars. These people will lie about almost anything. Where they live, their occupation and assets.

Keep your eyes open for people who are being dishonest. Christian relationships are founded on trust and if you can't trust an individual, then quickly move them out of your search for a potential Christian match.
How do I choose a Christian Dating Partner?
As a Christian, it should be important for you to have Christ-centered relationships. Wisely consider if the person you are dating is one of good character and morals. This includes friendship, as well as dating mates. One thing to keep in mind: do not be in such a hurry! Be certain their beliefs line up with yours. Some religions can differ in beliefs when it comes to the bible and the deity of Jesus Christ. Allow a new relationship to grow. Get to know each individual and each individual is needs also, including your own. This is especially important for single Christian parents.

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“How do you know the right person?” Nobody will tell you this is the right person and no one can tell you the qualities of someone who is right for you, but God himself will speak to your heart and you will know by yourself that “this is the person I have been longing for”. It’s all God’s work: he will carry all you desire in a spouse and above all, you will have similar common interests (i.e. your faith in the Lord and His Kingdom). 


This is so TRUE! Thank you Louis for sharing your insights. Indeed God spoke to my heart as I've written in one of my posts somewhere. I was expecting some English words that will come to my head, but no... it was just a change of heart that happened. And now I feel that... "this is the person I'm longing for". BUT it pays to be more discerning and so I wait for some more directions from HIM. And I tell you... comparing it to the past when it was NOT from HIM, with this relationship that can only be from HIM, His response is always so immediate. God just makes things flow the right way and everything does fall right into place. Amazing! Amazing God indeed!

Glory to God sister Macky. I believe everyone is doing great. However sister, you still have to pray the prayer of God filtering those He willeth not out of your life. All these counts in one's success in marriage.


Blessings to you all in Jesus name. Amen.




Louis, what did you mean by-- "prayer of God filtering those He willeth not out of your life" ?


I'm sorry to impose on you to expound but I truly would like to succeed in what I have with this special guy I truly believe is from God.


Thank you! God's blessings in abundance to you! (",)

Here you go sister Mckay....


  1. Pray for forgiveness of sins, iniquities, etc.
  2. Pray that God should take away all friends that are not from Him away from you.
  3.  Pray that anyone that is not from God who has intensions for you should never feel comfortable with you. Tell Him that you may want him but if God has not chosen him, he should never feel comfortable with you.
  4. Finally, tell God that it is only His ideal spouse for you that will feel comfortable with you.

Please pray the above prayer with all your heart and believe He has heard you.

There is one thing I have leant; you cannot tell God to bless what He had not ordained. So rely on Him when you need a spouse and don’t choose on your own and tell Him to bless the relationship. This is one of the things that promote divorce in the world today. If the guy is His will, he will remain with you, if not, you will see him gradually depart from you. But sometimes, we tend to get hurt when God is filtering our lives. If you are not willing to loose some of your friends, this prayer is not for you, if you are willing to submit to His will irrespective of what/those you will lose, then the prayer is for you.


I believe this is all for now. And note that this is the first stage of a healthy relationship/marriage. There are other issues that build relationship/marriage.


God bless you.




Thank you Louis! You are wonderful to share all these to the singles here needing guidance in choosing a spouse. I will definitely pray this one.


I pray that you may be constantly open to God's grace and favors to continue what you're doing for His Greater Glory. We have an awesome God!  Blessings to you brother! (",)

Exellent advice beloved Annie. This post totally rocks. Koodos to you my friend. :)
Hello brother Louis, thank you so much for your reply to "How will you know he is the one?". I have been one of those who has greatly been harrassed by friends saying my standards are too high and all. But isn't our God a God of HIGH standards? I really thank God for connecting me woth this family because i feel so at peace i have found what i was looking for - poeple with a hunger for GOD like mine. I tried other sites but even when i was registering, my heart did not feel at peace. But since joining here, I just felt like God was telling me that He was finally answering my prayer for GOD loving friends. I thank God for giving you such wisdom to share with us all and equip us who are still treading the waters of single life. That is the same idea i had and i always tell my friends when they ask me how i will know if he is the one, i always say GOD will tell me. And so i am waiting. there have been countless people approaching me but I have not felt any peace from God so am still waiting and at peace knowing that my Master is at work. Thank you so much brother, GOD richly bless you. 
To brother Louis, Sorry I forgot, I will definitely pary that prayer lol! Thanks!

You are welcome sister Chilombo. Glory to God. You will know if that God given partner has come your way. Jesus said the Spirit of truth that He will send us will guide us into all truths. Sister, the Spirit of truth is in you as one who has a burning for God and one who is looking for His will and not your desire. The Spirit will definitely guide you into the truth. When the partner comes your way, you will know by the power of the Spirit that he is the one. Its as simple as that.

God bless you abundantly and may He grant your request for a chosen/destined partner for you in Jesus name. Amen.




Thank you very much for sharing beloved.

You know Actions Speak Louder than words. People who date Online can say Anything impressive but their real character wouldnt be notice. I Believe Whoever our Match is we dont have to dig into the internet to see her. When Gods time is right we just have to GET ON OUR KNEES ..

We all start skeptical until it hits us. Trust in the Lord. His GRACE is INFINITE!


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