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I was recently reading a book by my favorite author , A W Tozer, who made the statement


      "I can safely say, on the authority of all that is revealed in the Word of God, that any man or woman on this earth who is bored and turned off by worship is not ready for heaven."


Many thoughts went through my mind after reading this. One could see this as very harsh or judgemental or as exactly how the Lord Himself see the situation or even somewhere between those extremes.  I am simply curious as to others thoughts on this statement.


God bless

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A W Tozer is always spot on

I like a lot of AW Tozer's quotes, but I'm learning to separate God from man.  Tozer's a man.  Prone to mistakes.  And so are we and the way we read things.  Perhaps he meant just what he said "anyone who is bored" and not anyone who "appears" bored, but it is open for interpretation with the way he wrote it. 

And yes, I'm learning, man is our own worst enemy.  I worship God.  I don't pray aloud very much.  I don't jump (backaches), I don't dance (I have two left feet).  I don't shout for pretty much the same reason I don't pray aloud much.  Lots of reason, not one to mention I usually have sinus issues making it hard to read aloud or speak/pray without needing to clear my passages constantly, and a huge ability to easily stumble over my words, etc. 

No, I sway to the music.  I talk to Him in my mind and imagine being with Him, and I cry from feeling His love.  But many think if you're not lifting your hands and shouting, you're not worshiping.  Even well meaning pastors will ask for an Amen and if they don't hear enough people shout out, they seem to make a disparaging comment on the congregation...certainly not meaning it that way.  But if you're not a shouter, that's exactly how it can make you feel. 

David cried, David danced, Job tore his clothes and fell on his face.  Ester worshiped in service by obeying her uncle and marrying the King.  Some offered up burnt sacrifices, some prayed three times a day as was their custom.  Some of us pray all day continually!  ;-)

We start looking at one anothers' forms of worship and we should start pulling that beam from our own eye.  For a group who is admonished to encourage and build one another up in the most Holy faith, we seem to have such a penchant for tearing one another down. 


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