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Pastor was preaching about men needing to come back in to taking a leadership role in the home. That it should be the man up for church on Sunday telling the family we're going to church rather than the women trying to get husbands to go with them and ultimately going alone. The whole topic was on men leading in homes, church, community, etc. Then he mentions the standard submission statement but he put a bit of a distinction on it I'd never heard and I'm wondering if anyone ever heard it stated like this.

I can't do a word for word but he quoted Scripture of two or more being in agreement and was indicating that submission was more in line with "sub"-"mission". Just as he operates under the same view and mission of our Bishop, he was saying husbands and wives have a mission/vision that should mirror one another's. That submission should be helping to fulfill the mission/vision of the household.

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Here is the Greek word that is translated into the English as Submit or submission. You draw your own conclusion as to whether you think the Sub-mission aligns with definition from the Greek word:


From G5259 and G5021; to subordinate; reflexively to obey: - be under obedience (obedient), put under, subdue unto, (be, make) subject (to, unto), be (put) in subjection (to, under), submit self unto.
Total KJV occurrences: 40

Our new church doesn't have the setup to record sermons yet. I wish they did so I could listen to it again because I "thought" he said something about word meanings and/or the history and lifestyle of the time to state this. But I'm not positive. Was hoping if someone had heard this before that they might be able to shed light on it.

I'm not sure if he was trying to say it didn't mean to submit but was maybe using it in conjunction. I know our church has always taught submission so I doubt he was saying it didn't mean that. That's why I wish I had the sermon. Cause I'd never heard it that way and would like to check what he said to back it up. I should probably take notes again. With the sermons recorded, I could always play something back later.
There is a hierarchy in God's kingdom.
1 Peter 3:7 mentions woman being the weaker vessel, and 1 Cor 11:3 says, But I want you to realize that the head of every man is Christ, and the head of the woman is man, and the head of Christ is God.

However, authority doesn't mean superiority, at least in my POV. Anytime there's a heavy-handed, authoritarian type of control of one person over another in God's kingdom, then, IMO, it is spiritual abuse. I've attended churches where elders and the minister were, what I can only call it now (after the fact and after researching about how to recognize a good church) controlling.

However, we are all fallen and I'm sure we all struggle from time to time with being controlling in relationships. And, I think interdependence is how God has designed human relationships from the beginning.
The finished work of Christ on the cross, and the blood of the new covenant brings healing and restoration for all who repent, believe, and receive Jesus. This means that the interdependent relationship that God instituted in the marital relationship between a husband and a wife before the Fall can be restored, at least to some degree, now.

Yes, the fallen flesh of woman still wants to control man, and the fallen flesh of man wants to abuse the power to rule over woman, but in Christ, neither one in the marriage is to control the other but for many couples, it is a constant battle, and especially if one of them isn't saved.

Men are to lead the family, but it doesn't mean as a totalitarian dictator.

We are to walk in the Spirit, and Ephesians 5:22-33 shows us the Christ-like qualities that each one of us, when allowing Jesus to live in and through us, can bring into marriage.

Hence, submission is to be mutual if both are born again believers seeking the will of God in the relationship.

Ephesians 5:21
English Standard Version (ESV)
21 submitting to one another out of reverence for Christ.

In other relationships we are to submit to one another as well.

We are called, as well, to submit to those in authority, and authority is mentioned in the verse 1 Timothy 2:12, I do not permit a woman to teach or to exercise authority over a man; rather, she is to remain quiet. ESV

There's an order in the way God created man and then woman.

Men are to serve their wives the way Christ loves and serves the Church and nourishes and cherishes her. The biggest problem in most marriages, IMO, is that a wife cannot see the love of Christ in a husband. Men are to lead by loving and serving and then women will respect them.

By God's design there is supposed to be a perpetual cycle of love and respect in the marital relationship.
Interdependence, of course, is defined as mutual dependence between things.

Wow, I spent Friday reading every single response to this and Amanda and LT really nailed it.  


I have a gf who is a single mother. The church she once attended pretty much expected her to answer to them before she made certain moves because she didn't have a husband. Now, that's definitely spiritual hijacking at its finest. 

Did she ask them when they were going to start paying child support?


She should had. She finally got out from under that church. 

We definitely have a mission - not to kill each other while trying to not kill the kids.


You would appreciate what one widow said during a recent discussion type setting our church has been doing on love. The preacher asked if through all the difficult times, how did they manage to stay together. She said: Divorce was something we never spoke of. Now murder yes. Divorce no.

For some reason it just sounded like something you'd say.

Yes it does.


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