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What are your thoughts on transgender? Do you believe one is born that way? What if it was your child, a son for instance, that walked up to you at the age of 3 & asked you to call them a girl? Would you support them or how would you handle it? I understand that if you're not in their shoes, it's easy to say how you would act. I'm just asking how you think you would behave in this situation. As a Christian, how should we handle this?

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I'm just asking how you think you would behave in this situation. As a Christian, how should we handle this?

I would first ask, who told him that? And then I would probably educate him by having him drop his pants, for observation, and tell him God didn't make junk, He knew what He is doing, so don't let anyone tell you, that you are a girl.

If we start with a Biblical view, holding that God's Word is God's Word and read it at face value seeking to understand what God means and not what I want it to mean I am left with certain directives from God through His Word that I must live by. Before I get to that let me add that there are, according to science, the rare occasion when a person is not either XX or XY. With that said science views it as a not normal. One could debate the cause of this situation, but I will only say that we live in a fallen world and mankind is not the same as the day God created Adam and then Eve.

Things I must live by:
1) I cannot ignore truth (God's Word) in order to appease a person or a group.

2) I would train my child up according to the gender of their genetics.

3) I would not be swayed by outside pressure, if applied.

4) I would love my child no matter what the outcome, but would not lie to them and tell them that everything is fine with God. It is because I love my child that I would have to speak Biblical truth into their life, not beating them over the head or beating them down, but because I love them and understand that there are only two destinations for all humans at the end of this life cycle.

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