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Each day is a struggle for me to walk in Jesus foot prints. Being with my fellow brothers and sisters in christ gives me more balance to walk in his foot print.


There are days, I feel I fail on Jesus and I can't forgive myself eventhough I know Jesus has forgiven me.  I yearn to be like Jesus, wow that is truly a great step to take but I know Jesus does not want me to be perfect, cos in his eye we are all perfect.  Love u always Jesus

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The guilt I'm referring to is those long-range hating-myself guilt trips because of something I did that was horrible. I know sin is sin but I never carry guilt anymore, ever. I do have the need to confess the wrong doings but I don't carry guilt or if I do, I hide it well & obviously from myself. I don't have many wrong-doings however, not that I'm perfect. I don't feel the need to keep a score card & constantly asking Him to forgive me. Again, He already has & He sees me thru the blood.

I actually  also don't believe I fear for the consequences either. You reap what you sow. If I get drunk - I have a hangover. If I drive crazy - I have a wreck. etc (I don't get drunk by the way but I do drive crazy). My point being is I don't fear of His consequences like He's sitting on the throne ready to stomp me like an ant because I drank too much, drove too fast, spoke too much, ate too much, etc. I'm far from perfect but since He's in me, I'm closer every day.

And you make a good point. My point is that for those who are in Christ, guilt for committing sin is not evil. It's natural and means we have a tender heart and conscience. And if someone who is born again is on one of those long-range hating-myself guilt trips because of something I did that was horrible, then that person probably has not been able to recognize that this is a lie that they are believing. The only thing that can help them conquer this lie is knowing the truth that God says about those who are in Christ. Knowing the truth will cause the emotions to balance out and adjust. God has shown you this truth. For most people, truth starts out as a seed that must take root and then sprouts and then begins to grow and then bears fruit. Thus guilt isn't a lie. It is a God given gift. God never manipulates our emotions but Satan will. In 2 Cor 7:10 we see this in action. Godly sorrow is from God. Worldly sorrow brings death. So, those in Christ who are on a guilt trip haven't yet understood the truth but it doesn't mean they aren't born again. Those not in Christ will experience guilt as well but their conscience hardens as does their heart (Hebrews 3:13). We are all human. These emotions are human.

True. It took years for me to conquer my past.

Thanks Tammy...awesome msg

I know exactly how you feel Amanda.  The Holy Spirit just comes in every direction to keep reminding me..."this is not what Jesus would do if he was in your situation...." and he wants you to be like him..." and that thoughts stirs me up and I say "Lord thank you for your word"

I actually think that we get some things backwards and one of those things is thinking that all guilt comes from Satan. It seems to me that as our enemy, he would be more apt to tell us to go ahead and do what we know is wrong and tell us not to feel guilty about it simply because we are human and we only live once and life is short and we should enjoy ourselves, it's all about feeling good and if it feels good, then do it and don't feel guilty for a single second etc ... 

We want to believe his lies. We want to decide for ourselves what is right and wrong. Satan seeks to deaden the conscience. I believe that a sensitive, tender conscience is a sure sign that someone is truly born again and truly has a changed heart. I don't believe a changed heart will harden but I don't believe we should constantly and willfully test it either. 

We all fail in many ways according to James 3:2 but it doesn't mean we shouldn't feel sorrow for our sins, godly sorrow, or not long to be free of sin and want to be perfect, even though we know that we are not going to be thrown into Hell, condemned. Jesus paid the full penalty for those sins for us. So, no, we are not condemned for sinning, and yet, we still will feel convicted of our sins. If not, something is wrong in my opinion. We are not to abuse God's grace.

Thanks all for joining in this discussion....We will walk together with Christ as his purpose is our purpose in life.


God bless

Hi thank you, shall read it today...God bless


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