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Hey community! So my wife stepped out several months ago on a prompt she felt from God. She has been writing what God puts on her heart to write whilst spending time with God; this has been for many years and then several months ago she felt prompted to start communicating this via video as-well, which scared her. She wrestled with this and eventually decided to take that step of faith, trusting God. The support has been encouraging and testimonies have been incredible as some family friends have began the quest into wanting to have a relationship with God and how to be saved and others just being encouraged in their walk with God. Praise God! I have posted some of her videos on here and her writings as I thought it might encourage someone in their walk with God. Thank you for those who’ve read and watched and I hope it’s blessed your life.

Recently my wife did a video on why she started and the heart behind it (I’ll leave a link below for this)... I hope it blesses you and thank you so much for taking time to read this... if her writings and videos do bless you please take time to share your testimonies or how you found it...

And here is the link:

Thank you.

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Well, the first thing I want to say is I LOVE HER ACCENT!!!!

Thank you Tammy for the encouragement

I pray the Lord blesses others through her ministry.

Thank you Tammy for the encouragement My wife is grateful

Beautiful simple obedience. Love it. I agree with Tammy, love her accent

Thank you Carla  for the encouragement 

You guys are a beautiful inspiring couple:

Great Wisdom here.

Thank you Carla


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