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I've heard people say they don't understand the Bible so they stop reading. I've responded to that by pointing out the NIV being easier to understand. However I came across something that has me rethinking this.

The most glaring is this:

In Isaiah 9:3, the KJB says:
Thou hast multiplied the nation, and not increased the joy ...
The NIV says:
You have enlarged the nation and increased their joy...

As the article says, it can't be both. Do you use other versions? If so, have you ever noticed such differences?

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The JOY that is increased was for the OPPRESSOR of Israel.  The joy, not increased is for the oppressed  nation of Israel.  

Btw, I looked at many other versions regarding this and there are a lot of them which has it just like in the KJV.  My question is: How come that the versions that agree with the KJV did not "see" the supposed mistake?   Let me tell you why!  It's because there is no mistake and they did not want to "face the music" of Deut. 4:2 and Rev. 22:19, by taking away and adding to God's perfect word.

I personally use the New King James Version. The main reason for this is the language is updated to modern English.   A verse can be more confusing when some of the words used in the original have actually changed in their meaning over the years. And some terms are not use in our normal speaking.   Just like the people who live in England use terms in different ways than americans do.      It must also be noted that this was in the English of the court of  Elizabeth and the scholars. Not so much the common man.  Another more minor reason is a minor speech impediment that causes me fits when I  try to pronoun words with "eth, est". When I used to teach it I was a little self conscious pronouncing the words with these endings.                                                                                                                                                                                                            However, when studying I use several versions but especially the Amplified Bible because a Greek word can have many different shades of meaning when translated and the amplified gives some of the different shades of meaning that the translators chose from.                                                                                                                                                                         Ultimately the translation , or version, you use is not remotely as important as your receptiveness to the leading and guiding of the Holy Spirit.  Because ,in the final analysis, it is the Holy Spirit , according to Jesus, that " leads us into all truth".                          God bless us all as we seek the Spirit's leading as we read God's word.



We are done with this conversation. I deleted your last comment. Up to that point you have had your say and I have let it stand. You have expressed your opinion on the matter and it is time to move on. I will not allow you to bash the other versions any further ... we get your point ... you are a KJV only. Now let it go ... If you wish to continue to push the issue you will not be here much longer ... This is a friendly warning and not a debate. Let it go ...

LT, if the topic is an issue, feel free to remove the entire discussion. I got answers to the questions I had on this. Thanks.


Thanks, but I do not wish to take the whole discussion down because of one person. As stated above we are finished on that part of the discussion.

I think it's a very informative discussion for the most part.

I thought others would benefit from it too, I just didn't want it to become an argument. When I'd read so many sites talking about the text left out of other versions, I thought maybe reading others meant we were missing information. But something LT said prompted me to check both texts against the word for word translations and it actually showed KJV as having added text but what was added wasn't detracting from anything. So it ended up settling my concerns to continue what I've been reading.

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