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I was thinking about the Israelites that lived before the coming of Christ. I know this is a stupidly silly question but wonder if any of them gets pissed when they see how easy salvation has been for those under the New Covenant? They had to go to Jerusalem every year w/that unblemished lamb time & again & make sacrifices. Some traveled weeks. Then again, they may quite possibly look at us as being such an ignorant, stupid generation that has been given the Gift of Life by the confession of our mouths & the works that follow as proof of those beliefs but instead choose to turn the other way. It would probably be the latter one for me. 

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It is difficult to fathom how anyone would turn down God's free gift of Salvation.  I was there once though.  I used to be blind, until I could see. Now that I can see, it's an entirely different perspective.  However,  I haven't forgotten what it feels like or looks like to not believe.  I like to think that perspective helps me speak with people who don't believe.

There are many out there who are currently hardened to the message of the gospel, and some who currently believe will fall away.  It's our choice... each one of us has this choice.

The Free will God gives us is a demonstration of His love.  It's God's love that draws people to repentance.  

 There is a veil that is covering their minds so that they cannot see.  But whenever anyone turns to the Lord that veil is taken away, and they are rescued (so to speak) from their unbelief, and ultimately from spiritual death.


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